Jun 10

It Looked At Me

A listener writes “It was 1977 or 1978 in late summer. I’ve never been a big hunter but I’ve always loved walking in the woods and creeks looking for rocks and crystals. I was less than a half a mile from my house walking with my two dogs up a small creek in a highly dissected terrain. Molly was the smartest dog I’ve ever known, half Australian sheep dog and half collie. Her son Smokie was more than twice her weight and dumb as a rock.

All of a sudden both dogs froze and started growling very low. Their tails were between their legs. I tried to walk around Molly. She would not let me. I heard bipedal steps in front of me. I looked up and saw the head and shoulders of something very hairy and very large in the next gully leading down to the creek. It looked at me. I thought that it would be better to walk away, my dogs stayed behind me and even smoky didn’t get stupid and charge. Molly would not let him. I felt safe with them at my back at the time. I just felt it was best to walk away, but when I got home that night and went to sleep I had nightmares.

I felt like there was a group of these things watching the house, and every night for weeks I closed every curtain and every blind and every window and mom said what’s up. I never explained it to her, but after about a month, it was over and I never saw anything again. I also went back to where I had seen the thing the next day and when I went to the gully where the thing had been standing, it had to have been over 8 feet tall for me to see shoulders and Head. Your podcast has cleared up a lot of things for me. I love what you’re doing.”

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  1. Charles R

    First, you were lucky to have a great dog as Molly was. For some reason they usually have a much keener sense to sense out danger than what we have, and I have seen this with 2 Golden Retrievers I had years ago in the Huron National Forest of Michigan. That nightmare and feelings you had of them watching your house may well have been justified, especially living so close to where your encounter took place. The reality of them tracing back to the witness homestead is so very well documented

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