Sep 8

It Had A Face Of A Man

A listener writes “I was up at my ranch in randolph utah and was out near the crawford mountains. I was going along a creek and fishing, and saw a grizzly bear. I was freaking out because there hadn’t been a griz in a long time in utah.

So just as I pulled out my phone to take a picture, I noticed it stand up and look at me. I now knew that was not a bear. It had thumbs and it had a face of a man but with long hair. It looked at me and I just about ran all the way home. It looked at me with some curious eyes and roared in an inhuman high pitched almost whooping sound. I then turned and ran home forgetting my pole and ran all the way home. I never turned back and I dont think I ever want to go to back.”

5 Responses to “It Had A Face Of A Man”

  1. Steve E

    Yeah, cause Sasquatches know that phones now have cameras in them, he stood up to pose (and smile?). The interesting thing here is always the fact that as fast as this guy ran home, Mr. Sasquatch could have caught him in 10 seconds if “it” had been inclined to do so…

    Just go back and get your pole, slim chance he is still there..

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