Sep 21

It effortlessly kept stride with us

A listener writes “When I was 15-16 I took my dog for a walk normally I would have taken him earlier in the day but this day I got busy and my aunt and uncle were up from Ottawa (yes that’s Ontario Canada).

So I was late taking him now we were not in any kind of residential area so when I say we walked around the block it was like a km from our house was the first road that we turned on then 1 km up that road was the next road than about 3 km down that road and another km back to our road and another km back to our house.

So we got to the corner of the longest road and it is swampy on the side of the road and my dog started acting scared I should mention my dog was a pitbull cross and wasn’t scared of anything there was a large black bear we encountered once and he would not back down from it anyway he was acting weird and scared about 10 yards up the road I heard a splash in the swamp so I stopped and looked it was dark now but there was a full moon and it lite up everything nicely well I couldn’t see anything and assumed it was a dead branch falling and we kept walking well not very long after I seen movement in the trees there was a dark figure looking at us.

So we started running and it started running it effortlessly kept stride with us in the bush we didn’t get very far maybe 1/2 a km and I couldn’t run any more I could hardly breath thank god my best friends brother was working in a field across the road and was heading home on his tractor so I picked up my dog and got on the 3 point hitch we could breath I watched this thing continue to fallow us most of the way then the bush gave way to field and it stayed in the bush were at the last turn before my house and a car cam up behind us that looked like my uncles car so I figured my dad and uncle came looking for us.

So I told my buddys brother thats my uncle ill get a ride so you can get home to eat so I jumped off and went to the car window and it wasnt my uncle it was someone lost so I gave them directions and figured there only fields from here home so I will see it coming anyway so we started walking and we both calmed down and everything was fine and I stopped watching the field than about 1/4 km from home my dog started acting weird again and I looked over and there it was coming across the field like a fighter jet just flying it was quite a large field so we started running again and didn’t stop until we were in my room ran right through the front door down the hall and into my room other than the the people we encountered that night I have never told anyone else about this but you guys are pretty accepting so I figured it was time to tell someone I am a believer in ufos and paranormal as well as big foot I do not however believe bigfoot is connected to either of those things.”

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  1. Glen K

    (New Jersey) That was quite the experience. I had an encounter yesterday – not with a Bigfoot, but my TV! One of my favorite shows is “Terror in the Woods.” As I tuned into another episode, who is starring back at me on the TV, – none other than Wes Germer! Now this may be old news to many SC members, but Not to me! I don’t know how I missed this episode (some I’ve seen several times), but what a Surprise! Wes gave a harrowing,terrifying account of the encounter he and Woody had years ago! Great job Wes! For those who haven’t seen the show, check it out! Basically, it’s about good, decent people who live in the woods, or are visiting them. They enjoy hiking, camping, hunting, exploring,and just the overall beauty of the woods.The things they encounter are truly some of the most terrifying creatures you can possibly imagine- from werewolves, skinwalkers, bigfoot, dogmen, and everything in between !!

    • Charles R

      I too like Terror in the Woods, Glen K. Also These Woods Are Haunted, and such. They use a lot of production sound effects, but the stories with actors and the real people following along with their actual accounts is quite provacitive. I have not seen the Wes Episode and did not realize he was one of the shows, thanks for this, but the travel channel runs these all the time and I and my wife will look out for it. About a month ago on a Sunday afternoon while watching I was suprised by a voice I heard. Indeed it was Jim Sherman (Wes interviewed Jim not that long ago) who has some fairly good recordings from the Michigan woods over the years. Jim gave his account in the Upper Peninsula with his Father while hunting, that set him on his path.

  2. Lisa S

    West, I hope this “knower” comes on! Scary stuff.
    Also, interesting to learn about the TV show. Will hope to see the episode where you give your account. Only heard it many years ago. It was extremely frightening.

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