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Interesting information about the DMZ and rock apes

A listener sent me a follow up to the previous email, he writes “Wes, the following draft I wrote a while ago. Was going to send it to earth files but forgot about it. It has some additional info and thoughts, I would be interested to see how this topic from that region develops from your efforts. Hope this helps:

Came across your Vietnam account on You tube. Surprised to see that so little was known about them (Rock Apes). I came across a marine and talked about large primates being found dead on the slopes of the Dong Ha Mountain. There were 105 guns on top of that mountain. My battery did target acquisition for those guns and Carrolls in late 69-70 after 3rd Marines pulled out. We were attached to Marines on at Gio Linh, the Alamo.

Anyhow back to Dong Ha Mountain. They used to routinely blast down the side of the mountain firing at potential points of attack “mad minutes”. A deterrent to sappers.

At this location on the DMZ we had another outpost just east of Carroll and south of highway 9 at the end of a small dirt access road to a hill top (found it recently from an aerial photo taken in 68). We had a quad some and Arvn infantry that replaced the marines and others signal corp, bunkered on top of it. I did FO work there. This gave access to Carroll below and all around. You could see the rockpile to the NW. Surprised again to read the a marine was thrown off the pile by one of these critters.

Back in the rear (Dong Ha Combat Base). Talk of rock apes was a common part of Dong Ha Mt lore. Never suspected for a monument they were anything unusual. Used to bathe and swim in the Cam Lo. It cut into the base of the mountain at that point. I had been studying for a degree in biology prior to service, so plants and animals there were always of keen interest.

What I have read and heard since about Sasquatch habitat in North America is the river feature as I witnessed it would have been ideal if these creatures had similar geo-eco-habitat preferences as here. Especially with the cliffs, which apparently they have adapted well to and prefer to navigate and roost from. These heavy cover high point were also manned by NVA anti aircraft crews, you could not find them unless they fired enough for the smoke to billow up over the tree canopy during the day and green tracers at night. They also had their FOs (forward observers) peering down on us from these high points. NVA veterans working in this in region might be another source instead of grunts alone. We kept taking out their positions and they kept replacing them, so they had to have a regular turnover of personnel. You might have enough survivors to add something new to your research.

Being eyes of the artillery, FOs collectively had to note almost anything unusual. A source to tap before they are all dead? Referring to the dying tribe of Viet FOs. But consider any FOs even today a source of oddball observations.

Talk of odd behavior in areal lights was pretty common in radio chatter especially at night.
If they were not ours then we assumed they were enemy craft. Determining what they were at times was difficult because some did not move in recognizable ways.

Again I found out last year that the DMZ had been a location for UFO sightings. I suppose some of the above could have been just that.

We had enemy under ground bases in the DMZ more toward the confines of Leatherneck square. One I heard about detonating in a place called C-3 if I remember right and an another I witnessed go up. Anyhow these had to be connected. They were not that far apart. They also had to be supplied underground or at least by some means of cover.

After reading about Sasquatch being associated with caves, using the underground for permanent cover. Is it possible that the tunneling was extended from natural occurrences originally and from the military works of centuries of Vietnamese fighting off invaders in other times? I know the mountains south to Da Nang where of a particular limestone source.”

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  1. ANDY F

    I don’t understand why Wes would change the intro music ? it was awesome before . It had al those whoops and the music got your pulse pounding before every episode

  2. chris m

    ^^^ I completely agree, Wes if you are reading this the last intro music you had (prior to December 2016 or around then) was way better and more intense with the whooping and without that sad piano.

  3. Jeffrey H

    3rd!!! A Nam copter pilot to a picture from his personal camera of a Rockape that had climbed up almost to the top of a huge tree. Great pic. The pilot took it as he was flying just over the top of the trees while flying a mission. I saw a tv show on it. I pretty sure it was on the Rockapes from the Viet Nam war. The Rockape was trying to throw tree limbs at the copter but was unlucky at hitting, thankfully.

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