Jan 11

Injured Coal Miner interview

Soft White Underbelly interview and portrait of Billy, an injured coal miner from Fayette County, West Virginia. Right around the 12 min mark he describes his encounter.

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    • Charles R

      Yes this is the picture Billy Humphrey took. Kind of what I expected and so typical of phone pictures into the woods. Seems to me to be an honest man and believable, would again make a good guest for here.

  1. m99

    There are BF’s EVERYWHERE, Mr. Interviewer. /// I always wonder about these people that ask, why didn’t you shoot it? Why would you shoot it? First, when shooting an animal you must know what it is to shoot, and second, it was not trying to injure or kill him. And these things are so human like, how would you know from looking that it wasn’t a man in a ghillie suit?

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