Nov 18

Impossible Disappearances In National Parks

Missing Void writes “David Paulides was once a law enforcement officer who became an investigative author with his work on the Missing 411, a collection of books and documentaries covering a range of baffling disappearances within National Parks and other wilderness areas.

The Missing 411 can be traced back to a chance encounter with an off-duty park ranger who confided in David about some of the peculiar missing person cases that he was aware of in his park. Some of the cases you can find within the Missing 411 really do seem like impossible disappearances at times, especially many of them from National Parks around the world.”


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  1. STEVE W

    A very hard subject to unpack because we don’t know squat about our reality, But if you ever see a fairytale it changes your entire life,
    The best thing we can do is listen to the people, science is bought and paid for,

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