Jun 3

I’m never going into the woods at night ever again

Becky writes “My 16 year old grandson just had an encounter last night! He spends most of his time in the woods and so it was not unusual for him to be out at 9 p.m. . He had his dog with him and apparently she was afraid( but wouldn’t leave him) for some reason. He heard a noise and he switched on his flashlight and there it was. I’m not real happy about this because I have known all along that they were real and they were here and now have been substantiated.

He was so stunned he couldn‘t move but he said that it looked as surprised as he was. River is not the kind of person that shows emotion a lot, but when that boy called me he was badly shaken. He said it wasn’t a whole lot taller than him so it had to be a juvenile. He didn’t believe in boogers and teased me because I did! That’s why he was never afraid to go tromping around in the woods at night by himself. As a matter of fact he preferred to be a loner. It was a point of pleasure for him to be out there feeling at peace because for 10 years he had an abusive stepfather until that finally came to an end about 3 years ago. He spent a lot of time with me and his Pop. He and I have a very, very special relationship. We understand each other.

Now he said to me,” Grandma I’m never going into the woods at night ever again.” My great fear is that, if indeed it was a juvenile, you know Papa or Mama had to be pretty close by and I’m so afraid what could have happened to my grandson. Well thanks for letting me get this off my mind and heart.”

I am on the process of contacting her grandson.

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  1. michael n

    Thats a shame. The woods provided a much needed peace in his life and now he will lose it. Doesnt sound like they are an aggressive bunch if this was the first time he saw one. I gaurantee they’ve watched him plenty of times. I hope he can deal with this and get back to the peace he needs.

  2. John S

    Try turning him on to this show. Maybe when he hears about all the different types of creatures and encounters, He might feel more at ease. There is also The Bigfoot Outlaws, Bigfoot Eyewitness Radio and World Bigfoot Radio to name a few. Jskull.

  3. Tracy G

    Unfortunately for him,I think that the peace he found in the woods at night is defiantly gone forever. To see something that close,that your mind tells you really shouldn’t be there,is a shattering event.
    Maybe someday he will go back in the woods,but I dont think he will ever again find the pleasure he once found before his encounter.

  4. pam

    I agree Tracy G- it’ll never be the same. BUT after all these years I have to say I am ok with being in the woods as long as I am not alone….and I am hyper aware which is a good thing since most people have no awareness about what can and IS out there!
    Maybe the boy will come to the same place I am. YOU certainly know all about being aware!

    • lee d

      Pam I could not have said it better myself, I have went through PTSD from my experience as a child with my mother and two sisters I don’t want to get into all of it right now but having to hide out ina hidden basement my mother did everything she could to Keep Us Alive and calm, I wish my mother was alive so I could tell her that she did a wonderful job but I think she can hear me and knows that she did, BTW Miss Pam if I do say so myself I’ve noticed that you always have a positive outlook I don’t believe we ever gotproperly introduced my name is Lela but I go by Lee for short do you have a wonderful day Miss Pam purple, sincerely Lee Lee Davis??? ????

  5. Brad C

    first I am going to say, who ever Admins the passwords logging in on this site has problems, It works and then it dosnt, ist suppose to auto log me in, I was a IT tech for 27 years and I use to set up accounts for Microsoft network accounts. As far as this story i can relate, I saw bigfoot when I was 11 46 years

  6. Jeffrey H

    Hopefully In time River will be able to feel comfortable enough to go back into the woods where he loves to go. Its really to bad that he feels that way instead of enjoying the fact that he experience something that many others wish they could. All the best to River!

  7. lee d

    Another great episode WES, please keep up the great work I’ve come to realize just hard your job is, having to find great stories then having to convince the gest to come on , dealing with technical difficulties, and then trying to please the fans, I know that I might have came off the first year kind of harsh and maybe even rude but I would like to take this chance to apologize publicly to you Wes,and anyone elses I migh. Offended,

    • lee d

      as I was saying I think you do a great job Wes, and I want to thank you and your brother Woody for putting the show together, a lot of people think I have very mean attitude towards Sasquatches but they have no idea what I went through as a child and what I saw Happened One Night, you know our brain helps us cope with things by helping us forget a lot of it and that’s what I’ve tried to do for a long time, but because of your show and the really cool people AKA fans I have learned to deal with this post-traumatic stress disorder I’ve been carrying, and thank God I have a wonderful friend and roommate who listens to me and believes me when I what has happened he knows that I’m not one to make up stories and I think it’s wonderful that you are friends with the guys at Bigfoot Outlaw radio they are really a bunch of very insightful gentleman and they think the world of you guys, also thank you for bringing dark Waters to my attention, I have to be honest I’m on the fence about Dogman butt I’m keeping an open mind, thank you again have a blessed day Ma you keep on squatchin for many years if that is what you want Netherland last may you keep enjoying what you do and be able to take care of yourself doing it thank you to you your brother and the fans out there sincerely Lela AKA Lee Davis

  8. cyndie r

    Lee: I like that you publically apologized to Wes and Woody. It takes a big person to do that. We are all still learning about this incredible creature, so don’t feel too bad. I can’t recall what you originally said but you are a stand up person if you take the time to correct yourself as you learn more. You are 100% right when you said Pam is always positive. Get this…Pam is a dog man survivor. Well actually perhaps she is a gugwei (sp?) survivor. The point being that she has no reason to make it up.

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