Apr 11

I Was Way To Close

A listener writes “I was out late one night with my dog alone. We were at the creek in late summer and spooked a 8 foot tall or so brown Bigfoot off of the creek bank.

It was about 10 pm at night and my dog would not leave my side. Eventually my dog walked about 15 foot away and I whistled for her with a distinct human whistle to come back.

When she did come to me about 30 foot behind me the same whistle was made. So I shined my flash light at where it was coming from and behind the tree closest to me were this wide set of blueish white eyes just staring at me and my dog. When I say wide I mean wide! Still gives me goose bumps knowing that when I scared it off the creek bank it snuck around me without me even knowing.”

Spoke to the witness and he said “Everyone thinks I am crazy but I am telling you, this thing was big and I was way to close.” The encounter happened near the Ozarks, He has agreed to come on the show.

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  1. m99

    ~ Okay, that left me a ‘ mind picture’. “… about 30 foot behind me the same whistle was made…”

    I’m ready to hear the rest of the story & amazed when people find SC and have the opportunity to get their experience (s) off their chest. Can’t wait to hear it!

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