Jan 8

“I was shocked when it stood up….”

Anthony C writes ” I used to go hiking and camping alone on an almost daily basis in a 400 acre park near me. I`d go running, rappelling, almost anything just to get away from everything, the woods is very peaceful. One time I was out after a long 10 mile hike and on my way back to my car I felt like I was being followed, I heard something just out of view the whole time. It was just about sunset but still light enough to see clearly. I stopped to listen and see if I could see what it was.

I sat there and watched what I at first thought was a black bear digging around looking for food or something. That would be rare but not unheard of where I am. I was shocked when it stood up, about 6-7 ft. tall, looked right at me for about 1-2 seconds clearly as amazed as I was, then it took 2 steps and was gone.

I`ve seen bear, and every other animal around here and it was no damn bear. I also in the same park was out in the middle of winter with a fire by the creek, I could see 100 yds. all around me because the trees were bare and as I sat there a large rock splashed in the creek right next to me. I looked all around and saw nothing, I went back to what I was doing and another bigger rock right next to me! I never saw a thing and I know no known animals throw rocks, and there’s no way any human could have done that. I`m not sure I totally believe in Sasquatch, but I can`t explain either thing I experienced.

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  1. Mary W

    Wow! Dude! I think I would continue my routine only adding some cautionary measures to be safe. Weapons , observation, buddy system and the like. Chances are they seen u many times before and if they wanted u they coulda had u. I’d hate to give up totally the wonder experiences u had in the park.

  2. Glen K

    WHERE is the park?????????? As I’ve said Many times, PLEASE give the location of the encounter. Doesn’t have to be the exact location, but at Least the State. Thank You!!

  3. squatch

    couldn’t agree more Glen! don’t need exact town of course (to protect witness’ privacy) but general region/area and at very least the state the incident occurred would be much appreciated by us visual thinkers!! great account btw!! thanks

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