Sep 12

I Thought They Were Snowmobile Riders Dressed In Black

A listener writes “Hey Wes, I’ve been using your podcast as a way to tune out the craziness in the world while I carve and it’s been a welcome relief. About ten episodes in I decided I had to try and carve a Sasquatch based on the descriptions I was hearing on your show. Anyway, this is what I came up with, really enjoyed the whole carve, definitely going to have to try a bigger one now.



I had a pretty normal encounter eight years ago in Minnesota while I was ice fishing a remote pond. Had two of them peek up over the reeds about fifty yards away while I was sitting on my chair. Thought they were snowmobile riders dressed in black standing up on their sleds (the reeds were about six feet tall and I could see the head and shoulders above them) but when they disappeared a few minutes later I realized there were no sounds of an engine or any sound for that matter. Later on that year my neighbor, who was a retired sheriff, told me about his strangest case, a six year old boy who disappeared a few miles from that spot where the parents were fishing. They sent out a massive search party but nothing was found, not even a scent for the dogs.”

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