Jan 11

I Thought It Was A Tree At First

A listener writes “It happened back in 2008 or 2009, several of my friends had had an encounter prior to mine and I decided that I wanted to go and see if we could find this creature that they had seen.

So we ended up going to the most paranormal place around our area and it’s up on a mountain. Route searching around 3 AM there are four of us together. We finally get to stretch on this gravel road where you can see two or three different small towns lit up. We decided that was a good turning point and as I pan to look over to the towns I saw something standing in the middle of this gravel road right at the edge of a turn. At first I thought it was a tree so I continue to stare at it. 30 to 45 seconds went by and it finally turned to the side because it had his back turned toward me. Then turned its head and looked me directly in the eyes.

I felt completely paralyzed and helpless almost like it was staring into my soul. It felt like it knew everything about me I could just knew everything about me. I was completely paralyzed in fear I didn’t know what to do thankfully I was in the car. After staring at me for a couple of seconds and turned it head and it worked or glided rather end of the turn out of sight. I broke down in tears couldn’t speak my friends were trying to get me to calm down and explain to you what it happened. After a few minutes I calm down and described what I saw is the same thing that several of my friends seen prior to this and gave them the same exact feelings.

At first I didn’t know what it was none of us did. We started doing some research and never could find anything on it. And recently my aunt has been having some strange things happen at her house and check and get into later. But this is sparked interest in the topic again because she described the feeling that it gave her exactly what I felt when I had my encounter. After doing some research and digging in I ran across your podcast as well and I’ve decided that what I encountered was without a shadow of a doubt a Bigfoot.”

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