Nov 18

Upcoming Show: I Saw It Standing Next To A Tree

A listener writes “I just recently came across your podcast and after hearing how open you are to hearing true stories about encounters I felt the need to reach out and tell my story.

I’ve never told anyone this story in my entire life I’m 44 now and this encounter happened when I was 10. I never thought anyone would ever believe me so I just kept it to myself all these years but I’d love to get this off my chest.

So my family had a large chunk of land in upstate NY when I was growing up and one day in early fall my younger brother and myself were out playing climbing trees in one of our lower grazing fields for our horses. The trees had started changing colors but the leaves had not really stated falling yet so you couldn’t see very far through the dense forest. I climber a very tall old oak tree and was trying to get as high as possible to try and see if I could see to the adjacent field and as I got higher the wind was getting very strong and blowing the branches around pretty good, I’d say the sway was about 2 feet either way so like 4 foot in total movement. It was really dumb and I started getting scared and was going to start coming down when I slipped and came tumbling down getting stuck in a crook of a limb about 10 feet still off the ground.

I broke my back when I hit the branch and started screaming and crying instantly yelling for my mom and my brother who was watching from the ground under the tree took off running to the house to get her. I remember screaming for what seemed forever and eventually heard some foot steps coming and assumed it was my mom or step dad but I couldn’t see because I was stuck facing the tree trunk and couldn’t turn around. Next thing I know I see a large harry hand that looked like a gorillas hand grab me by the shoulder. When It did this the pain that shot through my body was so intense I actually passed out and when I woke up my mother was sitting over me telling me an ambulance was coming to get me and just sit still.

To my surprise I was on the ground and propped up against the trunk of the tree, my mother had told me that’s how she found me when my brother had led her to me. I believe my crying had attracted it and maybe it was watching us the entire time I don’t know but it definitely lifted me out of the crook and laid me gently against the tree luckily, cause my mom would never have been able to do it herself. I probably would have been stuck there for quite a while and the fire department probably would have had to cut the branch to get me out. I was able to make a full recovery after a spinal fusion and we eventually built a dirt bike track in that lower field about 4 years later. One day while riding the track I decided to ride the track backwards out of boredom from riding the same track everyday and coming around the corner from the long straightaway I saw it standing next to a big tree watching me and when I locked eyes with it it simply stepped behind the tree and disappeared.

I believe that sasquatch used to enjoy watching my brother and I play and watched out for us over the years until we grew up and moved out of that area.”

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  1. Charles R

    Yes I hope he comes on to tell his story, yet another youngster saved by a forest friend. I think his last sentence is more common than people will ever know. It may well be entertainment for the Sasquatch to watch the little people play outdoor with various games and such, much like their own children do. And in some cases their is probably some caring attachment to particular children. I have heard from a few that have first hand knowledge, that the Sasquatch children just love to climb tree, and are certainly far more adept at it than humans. In my youth I was in trees all the time. My grandmother would so worry about me climbing her apple tree, however my parents could have cared less about the trees I climb in the adjacent lot of our house.

  2. Gregory T

    Great encounter, thank you for sharing it with everyone – looking forward to hearing the show!!

    Read an interesting stat a few weeks back, it is estimated that only 2,800 people in the world are 7 feet tall or taller.
    Considering the world population is approximately 7.4 billion people, one could say that only 0.000038% of the world’s human population is 7 feet tall or taller. (2,800 people /7,400,000,000 world population * 100)

    Looking at the National Basketball Association (NBA), it is a league built on player height and on current NBA rosters there are just 29 players 7 feet tall or taller out of 490 total players.

    Sasquatch sightings routinely have creatures described at being 7, 8, and 9 feet in height. With so few humans reaching heights 7 feet or above, observers’ observations of creature height being 7 foot or taller lends credibility to the existence of Sasquatch while ruling out hoaxers in monkey suits.

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