Jul 15

I Saw A Dogman

A listener writes “I am a Retired Pennsylvania State Law Enforcement Officer. I`ve been a licensed Private Detective for the past 13 years. A Marine Corps Vets.”

Spoke to the witness and he said “I came into a clearing and I saw what I thought was several bears. Strange bears…They seemed to be pushing on each other. They were on two legs. I left but it made no sense. This other thing I saw was not primate at all. It was more canine like.

Its a long story but I saw this thing sitting down and eating this deer. It stood up and looked at me and I can tell you they have teeth like a shark. It had the head of a wolf. I feel crazy saying this but it is what I saw.”

The witness has agreed to come on the show.

14 Responses to “I Saw A Dogman”

  1. Paul S

    Something about A dogman sighting just Comes off as much more scary than a Bigfoot sighting . there seem to be more and more of these sightings each year.

  2. Charles R

    Now this will be interesting and informative I hope. I have never been able to make heads or tails of the dog/wolf man, loop garou which goes back centuries. I remember Wes stating a few episodes back he thinks they are demonic and this is what I have assumed also. But if this gentleman states he saw one eating a deer, than this may change my opinion as a demonic entity would have no requirement for food. High strangeness abounds in these times.

  3. lyonflyin

    How do I take off this silly one-liner : “Logged in as……”?
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    • Steven B

      Make sure you are logged into the website. Click on “Lives in AK…”. In the next screen click “Profile”. Then click “Edit”. Put in the name you wish to appear to everyone. Hit your “enter” key. That should change it.

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