Jun 23

I knew there was something in the woods

This encounter took place in Mississippi, A listener writes “My parents have a house on 20 acres. The whole west side of it borders and old, non operational railroad track. (the same one Casey Jones wrecked on actually). My dad had put up an electric fence around most of the 20 acres for cows and goats.

The goats were to eat the underbrush and open things up. The fence control box was showing it was grounding somewhere, A fairly common occurrence given how much it covered. My mom and dad walked the lower section and I rode my bike down this railroad track and checked the fence. I left my bike at the very back corner of the property and walked the fence with a stick to rake away any grass or sticks on it. I was walking back toward the house and when I was done was right beside it. I went back up there at dusk to get my bike. It was getting dark but there was still some light in the sky. There are banks on most sides of the railroad track that is recessed into the hills. This was summer as I recall and there are usually lots of loud insects. As I got nearly halfway to the bike I no longer heard the bugs. Shortly after this I heard leaves moving. The first two noises of leaves I passed off as a squirrel. Then I realized that the steps were in unison with mine. I then thought that maybe it was an echo. I looked over my left shoulder looking for what was making this noise. I could not see it and realized that this was stalking type behavior. I then did a quickstep to see if it would mimic that and it did. So my mind is still trying to think of echo.

Then I made a movement to speed up but instead intentionally stopped. I then heard two more steps in the leaves after I stopped. At this point I was in great fear. I knew there was something in the woods that could see me and I could not see it. I was walking away from the house on this old railroad track. So to get back I would have to turn around and run back toward the house. As the animal (perceived by sound) to be at my 9 oclock. I turned around very quickly, being sure to face the direction of the leaf crunching. As I turned and began running back toward the house I saw a dark object, it looked black in the lighting conditions. It looked to have fur on it and I saw an object and a long appendage (arm leg or tail) athletically move up the bank which was now to my right. It was less than 20 yards away and the top half of it was concealed by the foliage. It was in one of the darkest spots in the area. I wanted to listen for the steps but there was no way I was slowing down. I ran so fast it would have made my baseball coach mad I did not run that fast on the field. I made it back home winded. I replayed this in my mind and having already hunted some at that age I knew it was not a deer that went up that steep bank. The only animal that is that smooth and athletic is a cougar/ panther. So I wrote it off as that.

I told my parents and they said “Andy go get your bike.” I waited a few days and went up there right after I got off school when the lighting was much better. As I got older I would go back up there. walking, hunting and riding 4 wheelers as a teenager. I always thought that the mass and appendage (probably the leg) were too thick to be a cougar/panther. The only sounds I heard were the leaves crunching.

I think it was in the summer of 1993. I would have been 8 years old. Since then more houses have been built in that area. At the time there were no houses in the direction I was walking. I wonder if the fence had messed with its habitat. My dad had also cleaned about 8-10 of the flat part of the 20 acres for pasture.”

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