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I have never heard anything like this before

A listener writes “I live in northeastern Illinois near the border of Wisconsin. My yard backs up to about 400 acres of Marsh and Farm land.

On July 4, 2013 my wife and I were up near midnight because a neighbor was lighting off fireworks, the evening was warm and we had our windows open. The firework show culminated in a grand finale which was whistling a spiraling kind of sounds all frantic and jumbled with the usual pops and bangs. When about 15 seconds went by I realized he was out of ammo, but just then we started hearing a very high pitched and loud series of whoooop whooooop whooooop. It was almost as if something were saying encore, encore,.. The whoops were humanish and my wife and I at first thought it was a excited child. Then the whooooops were moving around in the marsh, at first they seemed to come near the source of the fireworks, but they kept going for about 5 minutes and were definitely coming from in the marsh itself. I told my wife that it seemed strange for me to think it was human at that point. I dismissed it as a mystery.

Eight days later I lie awake in bed at 3:50am knowing I would soon be disturbed by my alarm clock. I get up early to get to the golf course that is about an hour away. Out of know where I hear the same whoop, I mean the same individual, you could tell, only this time it was more like a questioning type of whoop, like whooooooeeeep? Then an emphatic lower pitched whoooo whoooo came from within the tree line next to my neighbors house.

The first caller sounded like it was between our houses in my backyard! Which incidentally has a very nice apple tree that was in season. The same thing repeated but now the sounds were moving off into the marsh. I got out of bed after sitting stunned for a brief time, just then a patrol car from the sheriffs department was shining his spot light into my yard, exactly where I had heard the sounds coming from! He circled and stopped to shine it again into the same area.

I called the sheriffs department and they told me the officer was responding to a call of a man down? I have been an avid outdoors man my whole life, fishing many overnights along this very same river, I even fished several days in a row without stopping at times. I think I have heard just about every animal that is common or uncommon to the area, besides spending many weeks camping in the north in very remote areas. Nothing I have heard fit those humanish sounds, the only thing I could relate to that sound was primate or human, the only thing is the volume and clarity of the vocalists was not something humans could actually perform without distortion or almost yelling, as is noticeable on Finding Bigfoot when they try to make calls. They were so clear and loud, but also effortless.”

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  1. thomas w

    contact the sheriffs dept ask them for copies of reports and calls from the generalized area of where these folks live Wes. pull the freedom of information act card. pretty interesting stuff

    • DrAaron

      Having the police driving by with a spot light twice would be enough to set me on edge given the time of morning and the recent activity, Robert. I would imagine the surrounding neighbors have some interesting input and the life size cut outs would be more than enough to provoke conversation. This truly is interesting!

  2. Robert V

    It us still hard for me to fathom given where I live. I know what I heard and since then I have captured odd things in recording, wood knocking, strange moaning, a weird hollering type call. I hope to better substantiate this at some point. Just down the road from me an individual placed two life size silouettes if an adult and juvenille sasquatch next to their fence. Strange thing is nobody around here will dare to mention the subject…

  3. Robert V


    I really appreciate the encounter. We had an apple tree produce its fruit in july. What makes me feel better is this tree. I’ve often suspected the reason sasquatch came into my grandma’s yard was the fruit trees, grapes, mulberry trees currents, and the walnut tree. Only my son, as far as I know, claim to have seen it.

    It seems to me the sasquatch in the Midwest act very elusive. Not an expert.

    This should encourage those of you from WI MN IL Michigan. Iowa, to come forward. I suspect they follow rail in these areas more than others.


    • Pepper N

      I live in Wisconsin about half hour from Burned, illinois. I know of all the open ranges and dense wooded areas. A lady that lives right outside of Burned had a few encounters with the whoop sounds and it wasn’t an owl. She could distinctly tell after thirty years in the same place plus her bird feeder of wrought iron was bent down a yea or so ago and there is no animal with that much strength out here that couldve done that so she’s pretty set on bigfoot being the culprit. I told her to tell her story but she’s afraid of the skeptics but I said who gives a crap. Let someone come and investigate her property. Maybe I can convince her if she reads some of these blogs and listen to some of the radio shows.

    • nick p

      Hey names nick I live in waukesha county mukwonago actually. Where in waukesha did you guys see this, beacuse I deliver newspapers 7days a week for the Milwaukee journal between 130am and 6am. I’m always on the look out especially after seeing a huge Fn hairy shadow man thing walk back in the woods close to Eagle Wi

  4. Charles R

    Thanks Robert V. I have never heard whoops. I have heard the woman scream and owl, loon mimic and Ohio howl, however I personally thing the whoop would be the coolest. Man down, now that is a good one especially since there will be no mention of it in the news. I also agree about rails. I will bet if one were to walk the woods rail lines at night it would lead to something. If I lived by one I would buy a one person rail that you can personally propel. Make sure it is light enough to move off the track when a train comes. One of these and a good thermal would be most interesting.

  5. Robert V

    I also have found a strange Tee Pee tree structure nearby, I think they move up and down the river depending on the time of year, Sightings go back to the 70s when the Aurora Monster made news, sightings also occured off a tributary in the town of Carol Stream, also recently a class A sighting took place on a bike path near river in Algonquin, track find in snow in that same area. Road crossing not too far east from there, and another Class a in the same area back in the late 60s. Well it isn’t the PNW but the history and corellation to the river is pretty interesting

  6. Robert V

    I started a thread on the bigfoot forums called Urban Bigfoot, Seriously? to discuss activity near cities, since then I have studied patterens of sightings and activity surrounding Chicago, and have come to the conclusion that a few small groups have carved out a niche in the rural to semi rural area that outly the area. Evidence continues to come in to confirm that. I think that this more than anything demonstrates the intelligence of these creatures, surviving in sparsley forestes regions with barely being detected

    • Charles R

      I think you are pretty damn perceptive and could not agree more. I use to have an account in Carol Stream, hardly the wilderness. They always follow the rivers and streams and creeks and large drainage ditches. Very easy to do at night and daytime in spring through fall. Same thing is going on in the outlying towns in my Greater Dayton, OH, which is agricultural. Others on the BFRO forum in Iowa and other Midwest areas have told me the same thing is going on in there areas. These sparsley forested areas with abundant water avenues make finding food at night very easy to do. Who the heck is going to speculate that the dogs, cats, goats, chickens,small pigs, sheep, etc., crops, berries, fruit, garbage, etc, etc, etc that goes missing is being pilfered by a Bigfoot. They move about at night and blend into the darkness. On occasion they are spotted by accident, person makes a report ( most do not ) and then they are ridiculed. What – a Bigfoot on the outskirts of towns, how preposterous say they. Well – some of us know.

  7. Robert V


    Good hope Rd Menomonee falls . Swamp behind house. And greenhouse…greenhouse smaller back then.

    There was a couple,apple,trees and sometimes our pear tree would get wiped out of fruit on a side.


  8. SantiamLady

    Creepy! A man down call to the Police, & them shinning their light right where the whooooops were coming from? I think the Police knew more than they were saying that night!

  9. Robert V

    My impression was that something was seen by the sherriff, these things are not acceptable coffee table fair in these parts. I want to hold a little town hall at the local VFW, but I am afraid to get laughed out of town. Stan Courtney told me other reports have occurred just to my south, banging on houses, so I guess this group shares their wealth.?

  10. Robert V

    Last year they were around earlier in the summer than the first two years so I guess you have to be open to changes. I did not capture activity in my recording during 2015 , but that also confirms the fact that what I captured in 2013&2014 was not normal local sounds.

  11. Robert V

    Look at your nearest metro and see if any reports exist, google earth all the reports, patterns certainly emerge. Greenways, power lines, rock quarries, streams and rivers, rail easements, it all falls into place after examining a number of sightings

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