Feb 8

I Have Heard That Southern Illinois Vocal You Played

A listener writes “I live in Lincoln Nebraska but I am originally from Southern Illinois and used to live in the Shawnee national Forest at a place called, believe it or not, devils kitchen.

I can remember many times when I would get off work early in the morning and drive home, I could always hear something in the distance that was howling. One scream came from the south end and the other came from the east side by where I lived. I always thought it was some type of animal. I always joked around saying it sounded like they were having a conversation! maybe it was a Bigfoot. Everyone laughed at me but I know now, it had to be.

When I just listened to the howl that you played for Josh, that is exactly what I used to hear. I never saw anything thank goodness but I definitely heard him. thank you so much Wes for your confidence to say the truth and believing as well, they are real.”

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  1. NW Mike

    Southern Illinois has Bigfoot. It’s called The Big Muddy Monster. In the mid 90s I had a figure run in front of my car one night. I was driving through a small town outside of Carbondale at approximately 1 AM. A tall figure, black from it’s pointed head down to it’s ankles, ran into the road in front of my car. I was doing 30-35 MPH and this thing stayed in front of me at that speed for 1/4 mile. Eventually the road curved to the left and this thing ran straight into a yard and off to the side of the house into the dark. One thing that really stood out to me was the color of the bottom of its feet. I watched the Patterson-Gimlin film years later and recognized the bottom of Patty’s feet matched the feet of the being that ran in front of me on the road that night.

    • Charles R

      This is a fantastic experience NW Mike. Have you been on a SC episode, if not it would be great to hear your story and any other elements you remember about this encounter. It is amazing how fast they can run and to maintain this speed for a quarter of a mile is astonishing. I read one story years ago of a Bigfoot running next to a car the driver stated he was going 40 mph.

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