Feb 17

I First Thought It Was A Man Dressed In Black

A listener writes “I had a sighting of a creature I believe to be a Sasquatch back in January of 2015. I had the sighting on lake OH Ivie 45 min East of San Angelo Tx.

I went out in my boat around 11:00 am and was trying out my new fish finder I had received for Christmas. It was a cool slightly overcast day and the fishing was slow. I cruised around the lake and tried to find some good spots for the upcoming spring and decided to head back in around 4 o’clock. As I got closer to the boat ramp I decided to fish the last main lake point before I got to the ramp. The point I was fishing actually blocked the view of the ramp so I couldn’t see on the other side of the hill that ran out into the lake forming the point. I had my motor killed and was slowing drifting with the wind. I noticed deer on the bank that was at a 45 degree angle from where the ramp was and I watched them as I fished. As I cleared the point I could see the dock at the boat ramp, and saw something move to my left in between me and the ramp.

I was a good 20 yards from this creature that I first thought was a man dressed in black. It’s not uncommon to see people fishing on this bank. The creature had spotted me first and was running with its arms shielding it’s face semi crouched over with its face angled away from me. It wasn’t running full speed but it seemed as though it was hoping I hadn’t seen it and was trying to get away without being seen. It moved about 10 yards into some brush around the bank and looked as if it stood upright and looked to see if I spotted it. Once it saw I was looking it’s way it bolted full speed in between the brush and would pause every time it got behind a clump of bushed. I thought to myself what the crap is this thing because at full speed it was lightning fast and super quit until it reached the hill/ point that I had just finished fishing and ran up the hill faster than any animal I could think of. There was mesquite trees on top of the hill and this thing was breaking branches as it ran away. The sound of these branches breaking is what scared me.

I’ve never heard that kind of noise of anything running threw the brush like that. I got to the boat ramp 5 min later and stayed in my boat for 30 min before I got the courage to run up the ramp to get my truck. I loaded up my bait and headed home and thought to myself the whole trip home I think that was a Bigfoot. I have only told a few people of this encounter and have found your show and it’s help me deal with what I saw a lot better. Thanks for all you do for guys like me who still struggle with what they saw.”

4 Responses to “I First Thought It Was A Man Dressed In Black”

  1. Denise F

    “the creature had spotted me first and was running with its arms shielding it’s face semi crouched over with its face angled away from me”-

    This will be a very interesting one to hear.

  2. Charles R

    Not a lot of woods in surrounding area, looks to be mostly farm country, except at OH Ivie reservoir. One would have to work harder to be not seen in these parts and it may have been embarrassed that it was seen by the listener.

  3. Steven B

    I’ve noticed that it is common for people to think they’re seeing a “man in black.” I wonder how many have the first thought like, “Dang! I just saw Johnny Cash! He’s still alive!”

    Joking aside, it goes to show how almost all witnesses’ minds try to come up with a plausible explanation for what they’re seeing as BF are not on their radar. This shows that they are reasonable, rational people, not nut-bars seeking attention, and are seeing an actual creature.

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