Sep 3

I Almost Hit A Dogman

A listener writes “I was on my way to visit my girlfriend in West Virginia and I was coming up interstate 77 when I had a dogman sighting I almost flipped my car over on the highway to avoid hitting it and I don’t really want to be on the show but I’d really like to speak to you about it.”

Spoke to the eyewitness and he has agreed to come on the show. It is a very fascinating dogman encounter. The witness said “I wasn’t sure what to call this thing, it was a werewolf in my mind but they dont exist right? This thing got on two legs and came after my car. I was terrified.”

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  1. Denise F

    This will be a good episode. I often wonder when I hear of an abandoned car that’s hit a guardrail and vehicle is just sitting there….did it start with an encounter like above?

    Creeped myself out again 😉

  2. Steven B

    I’m beginning wonder if there are as many “biped canid” sightings as BF but people just don’t want to admit to seeing what they saw. Like the listener said, “… it was a werewolf in my mind but they dont exist right?” People still get guffaws for BF sightings. Imagine the ribbing one would generally get for saying they say a large, upright canine, that looked like an extra from “Van Helsing” or “Under World”.

  3. Matt H

    I had my sighting of a Sasquatch back in 1984 while in a car as a passenger on I-77 in the Virginias. So based on the dog man sighting and my sighting there must be something going on out there.

    • Debbie S

      Was your report on the BFRO….it is ringing a bell. I think i’ve read it. I tend to pay attention to reports in SW VA and southern WV….too close for comfort. But I think I read yours and pretty much figured out where you were….no surprise considering the area. 🙂

      • Matt H

        Debbie, I did report my sighting to the BFRO a long time ago. When I researched Virginia and W. Virginia sighting years later I was surprised to see there were cluster areas where most sightings have occurred and low and behold it was in the area I had my sighting. I saw this creature in plain sight as it was in the afternoon and basically out in the open. Still baffled by it to this day.

        • Debbie S

          Okay, thank you! I was thinking I read it on BFRO. 🙂 and yeah there is a lot of activity in that area, some I have heard privately. …and some that has been reported. I need to sit down and make a list if I can find the time because unless you are familiar with the area, you likely won’t realize how close and how much of a cluster is going on in that area. But you travelled it…you are IN the mountains, lots of mountains…not very populated mountains. LOL

  4. Charles R

    It was on the 77 5 years ago when a lady that owns and antique shop in Tipp City, Oh posted on her facebook page she and her friend had seen a Bigfoot going up a run away truck ramp, while on their way to North Carolina to pick up her son in boot camp I believe. Then the local paper interviewed her with a fair article. She must have taken a ribbing from her facebook and possible townspeople. I drove over their to get her story and the first words out of her mouth were I don’t give a —– what anyone thinks, I know what I saw. After assuring her I believe her she was OK. Yah Steven B, had it been a Dogman she would have been better off staying quiet. Maybe this listeners story will shine a little more light on the Dogman, because I certainly am confused as what to think.

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