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Hunting Experience

A listener writes “I stumbled on your podcast a few weeks ago. I have listened to several podcasts and really enjoy them. One in particular made me think about something that happened to me while hunting in the late 90s.

I moved to NW Alabama several years ago. I heard a few stories about people having encounters with sasquatch here and just kinda blew them off. Not that I didn’t believe them just didn’t give a whole lotta thought to them.

One afternoon after work I had went out to my uncle’s property to hunt. I had parked my truck at his house and walked in the woods to my tree stand. Theres an old logging road that hadn’t been used for years that leads back to a clearing where my stand was, probably close to a mile.

I had been in my stand for a few hours and hadn’t seen or heard anything. That in itself was very unusual. There was always something stirring back there. I don’t even remember seeing a bird.

It began to get dark so I decided to climb down and start my way out. On the way out on this old logging road to my right is a ridge that follows the road out, maybe 30 yards. To my left it falls off to a creek. Probably 30 yards as well. As soon as I get to the road, which is more of a trail now as it hasn’t been used in years and it’s really grown over, I hear something walking to my right on the ridge. I stopped to listen. When I stopped what ever it was took about 2 more steps and stopped. I looked up the ridge to see if i could see anything. Nothing. I stood there for maybe a minute and began to walk again. As soon as i did I could hear it walking again following me. I stopped again and again maybe 2 or 3 steps and it stopped. All the way out every time I would stop it would stop.

Needless to say I got really creeped out. I didn’t know of anything that would behave that way. There are several coyotes here but I had never heard of them following a person like that, especially just one of them, what I was hearing the best I could tell sounded like it was walking on 2 legs not 4.

This continued until I got close enough to my uncle’s house that I could see lights through the woods. All of a sudden I heard something running toward me on my left so I stopped and raised my rifle as I was really creeped out by this point. Again when I stopped the footsteps on the ridge to my right stopped.

It turned out it To be my uncle’s golden retriever running to greet me. He came out in the trail and got about halfway to me and all of a sudden just froze. His hair on his back bristled up, and he started growling. His growl turned into a whine and he turned around and bolted back to my uncle’s house. As soon as he turned to run whatever it was that had followed me out began to scream. It almost sounded like a coyote but not exactly. It was so loud I could feel it in my chest. I wanted to run but thought that would probably not be a good idea so I began to walk really fast. Once I started it stopped screaming but I could hear it making alot of noise like it was stomping or jumping.

As far as I know it didn’t follow me past that point but I heard it stomping or jumping or whatever it was doing til I was nearly out.

I had no idea what had followed, almost stalked me but I reasoned it had to be a coyote although I knew that coyotes don’t behave that way or I had never heard of them behaving that way.

I did tell a friend that I hunted with quite a bit, what had happened. He really didn’t have much of a response. Him and I did hunt that same property several times after that but nothing else ever happened. I never hunted there again alone.

I listened to one of your podcasts that had recordings of vocalizations some of which sounded a lot like what I heard. Did I have a sasquatch encounter? I’m not sure but I really don’t know what else would explain what happened. I certainly don’t doubt the existence of sasquatch and I didn’t doubt it before my experience.”

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  1. Stephen C

    Wonder by chance if it sounded like the utilima vocalizations – don’t think I spelled utilima correctly. Had in counter similar to yours in 92 or 93 in that general part of the state . Seemed like things would get pretty active certain times of the year

  2. Dan M

    Alabama, lots of activity there that we dont hear about. Especially in the nw and ne part of the state. I could be wrong but I believe Clarke County AL is very active.

  3. Lem

    Interesting. Northwest Alabama was where my encounters happened. I know for a definite fact that these creatures were there in the early 80’s. Their howl is canine sounding, but is louder and more intense than any dog, wolf or coyote could ever make. It has to be experienced In person to really get it. A verbal description cannot even begin to convey the power behind it.

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