Nov 26

Hunter reports seeing several creatures

Witness Observation

I was checking out this area in north Hopkins County where I have hunted in the past. I was in a vehicle returning from the woods. I was pre-hunting an area so therefore I had no gun on me, it was out of season.

I wasn’t sure if it was still available to hunt. I noticed three ape-like creatures out in a field together. I stopped my vehicle and looked at them through binoculars and noticed a large male with genitalia. I could make out his chest muscles like a gorilla. Its head was shaped like that of a gorilla. Large legs but I couldn’t tell how tall it was except much taller than me. It hair was darkish brown. The second was sitting down indian style back towards me but was darker. I think she was female. The third appeared to be maybe a juvenile standing up playing with a long stick in its hand. It was more like a monkey that could stand upright. I watched them from a good distance for more than 15 minutes.

Finally I left in complete awe. I was kind of shocked and told my family that I seen some apelike creatures in the woods. I could not believe that I had seen them especially out in the open. I haven’t visited that area since but would be happy to show where I spotted them. I have seen and heard other signs but did not put it all together as being bigfoot evidence.


Tree knocks in area heard in the past.

Time and Conditions

morning – Clear morning.

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