Jan 12

Hunter missing near Donkey Creek

The Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Department tell KXRO that a 65 year old hunter is overdue following a weekend trip to Donkey Creek. Joe Calimlim was last heard from when he called his wife around 9 am on Friday, saying he had just arrived at the “Donkey Creek Area.” Joe was seen at a Hoquiam gas station earlier that morning, driving a silver 2008 Chevrolet Avalanche, WA Plate – B52448G. The pick-up is lifted and is a “No Fear” dealer package with No Fear decals. There is also an NRA decal on the back. The truck has a cover over the bed. Joe had said that he planned to spend Friday night in a Hoquiam hotel, but did not. His wife said that it is unlike him not to call daily. Joe is of Philippine descent, 5’6″, 190 pounds, with brown eyes and very short black hair (shaved bald on Thursday).

A post mortem examination was conducted on the body of Joe Calimlim, a Seattle man in Grays Harbor to hunt near Donkey Creek. He was reported missing by his wife after he failed to check in, and his body was found by a Forest Service employee. Grays Harbor Coronor Lane Youmans says that the cause of death was due to positional asphyxia and arteriosclerotic heart disease, when a section of a nearby tree broke off and pinned him.

Strange story, watch out for portions of nearby trees randomly breaking off and pinning you

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  1. Chick

    As a family member it would be very difficult to accept that as an explanation of what happened. Guess it wouldn’t do any good if they refused that as a reason for death. They would likely be threatened and bullied if need be.

  2. Joseph B

    That post mortem is BS – positional asphyxia – so he is telling us a LARGE branch from a nearby tree broke off and fell across this mans chest or neck – hmmmm would love to see the pic’s from the scene.
    All our prays and sympathy to Mrs. Calimlim and her family.

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