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Howls near Fishhawk Lake, Oregon


I  had a weird thing happen to me, and a friend, while hunting down in Oregon where I grew up. We both heard a long howling sound as we were in the deep dark timber one night while coon hunting with our hounds near Fishhawk Lake, in Clatsop County. We were both on foot, and had walked up the ridge above the creek about a mile in, as we could hear the dogs work the track better up out of the creek bottom. We spent about an hour listening to our hounds work a cold track, then they just quit it cold. We did not hear them anymore at all – they just shut up.

Last we heard of them they were heading back down the creek towards the truck, then we heard off in the distance a sound like a wolf howling but much louder and more drawn out. We both heard it, and said to each other, “WTF was that”?

Neither of us had heard anything like it before, and we both had spent many nights alone as well as with other’s – hunting, walking, chasing, following our hounds through the woods in pursuit of big and small game. Then we heard it again, but closer. We knew it was not a wolf, or any animal we had ever heard.

This was back in 1993 in the Blodgett tract of the Oregon State Forest land near Fishhawk Lake Road and Jawbone Ridge Road. in clatsop county, near where the national guard soldiers on training exercises seen 3 bigfoot.

We both turned on our flashlights and started heading back down the ridge toward the road where my pick up was parked. We heard the howl again – closer than before, as it was getting closer to us. We began to hurry our pace. Soon we heard movement off to the side of us just out of site of our lights. Whenever we would stop moving whatever it was stopped too. As soon as we started to go again we would hear a branch break or a twig snap, and it was moving when we moved – stopping when we stopped.

I had a 12 gauge, and my friend had a 22 pistol. We knew if worse came to worse we could defend ourselves, but it never came that close. We made it to the road and our dogs were all ready in the dog box ready to go home – as were we.

We shut up the tail gate and left the area discussing what just took place and not believing it just happened.

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  1. kevin k

    Interesting encounter, thank you for sharing it with us. Us who have not experienced these things are probably actually the lucky ones.
    This show has really altered how I will treat vacation time with my family.

  2. Derek G

    Man! I’ve been listening and reading all these stories and I have always been interested in Bigfoot since I was a kid but I never thought much about it when hunting moose and deer in the past. I would worry about encounters with other animals like timber wolves(I was fortunate to see a timber wolf this year in the forest near rabbit lake/Temagami, Ontario while moose hunting) and bears but now I have to add this friggin bigfoot to my radar! I’m going to be on edge next October sitting by myself in that forest. There have been an unnerving number of missing people around Temagami as well. We see the missing posters in the stores every year when up there for the hunt. I’m not sure if carrying a Lee-Enfield British .303, 10 shot magazine makes me feel less spooked out. This is one missing person I’ve read the most about. The case of Daniel Trask- http://www.danieltrask.ca/

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