Jun 23

HopsSquatch is looking for local witnesses

HopsSquatch is a Bigfoot and Beer event dedicated to the latest Bigfoot news and research.Shane Corson and Gunnar Monson will be hosting the event July 19th and are looking for local witnesses to come forward and who are willing to be on camera to share their Sasquatch encounter.

It always hosted at The Lucky Labrador Beer Hall (1945 NW Quimby St. Portland, OR 97209) Doors open at Noon.


12 Responses to “HopsSquatch is looking for local witnesses”

  1. deborah m

    oh wow!!!!! wish I could go. I would love it. But from Australia, it is a little to far for me to go this time. Maybe next year?! Would love to be there though.

    • Steven B

      You could always do your own version in Australia – maybe call it something like WobblieYowie – feature the best of Austrailian brews and Australia’s own ill-tempered cyrptid. 😉 🙂

      I’ve visited my Aunt and Uncle in Cudgen NSW a couple of times. Awesome place. I wished I could see more of Autralia.

  2. Jennifer l

    I have wanted to go to this every time I get there email but never have yet If other sc fans or Wess or woody go I’m down to go I think this would be a good one to go to

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