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Hog hunter watches bigfoot kill hog

Editors Note: Take note of the many behaviors of the Sasquatch, the hunter is able to witness in this encounter.


Spring 2004, Texas

Witness Observed:

I was hog hunting from a tree stand next to the Sabine River. I had gone to my stand around 5:30 AM, put out sliced apples and table scraps to hold the hogs for a few minutes for a shot. I got in my tree stand and waited for the woods to settle down and the sun to rise. At sunup, I heard hogs rooting around, working the river’s edge towards me. I could first see them to my left at about 45 degrees, about 50 yards out. No clear shot, waiting for them to get to my bait area, I noticed movement to my right about 80 yards out. Putting my rifle scope on it, I could see only the side of something’s face. It was dark, hair covered and slowly moving its head around looking in the direction of the hogs. At this time it quickly moved to another tree. I could see most of its body, it was huge, standing on two legs, slowly looking around the tree at the hogs. At this time I was quite afraid but tried to keep my scope on it study its features. The hogs were still feeding towards my bait area and the animal was working towards the hogs. It moved quickly and disappeared. It quickly reappeared moving to another tree, still looking at the hogs. I could again study its features. At this time I was quite afraid but tried to keep my scope on it. Its movement from tree to tree was a quick leap, landing at the base of next tree on two feet. Standing behind tree and slowly looking around at the hogs. This continued for several minutes until they were about 30 yards apart and almost directly in front of me at about 40 yards. The animal dropped to all fours, bunched up its rear legs and leaped. It took two leaps to reach the hogs and it screamed during the second leap causing the hogs to panic for a split second. The second leap ended with it slapping one hog in its side, knocking it through the air into side of a tree. As the squealing hog bounced off the tree, it pounced on it, beating it with its fist like a person pounding on a desk. I could hear bones crunching with each hit. All this happened very fast. About 4 seconds from first leap to dead hog. The quickness of attack was very unnerving. The three live hogs were in full flight. The animal picked up the dead hog, tucked it under its arm and started walking off and let out a noise like (Grrrrrrrrrrr, whoop, whoop, whooooooop, whoop). It was immediately answered from about 200 to 300 yards out by a shorter (whoop, whoop, whoop ). After a couple more steps in the direction of the answer, it stopped, dropped the hog and turned to look past me. It turned back to my tree and raised its head to look at me. I have never been more afraid in my life. I tried to keep the scope on its head in case it came after me. It looked at me, cocked its head to one side. Its face had a curious expression as if studying me. It opened its mouth showing its teeth, letting out a soft (rrrrrrrrrr) sound. It then turned back to pick up the hog and walked off in no hurry as if I didn’t exist.

I was looking thru a 3 X 9 scope. Originally set on 3 power for the hunt but turned it up to 9 power after first trying to see object approaching from my right. After that time I was afraid to make the movement necessary to take scope off 9 power.

I sat in tree stand for another 30 minutes or so, trying to calm myself. After concluding that if it wanted me, it would have already slapped me out of my tree stand. I got down and went to find my hunting partner, who was about a quarter to half mile away. He had heard the attack scream and both whooping calls.

ALSO NOTICED: It was 7 or 8 feet tall, standing like human on two legs, covered in hair and intensely watching the hogs. Its hands and feet looked human. It had breasts. Its ears seemed small for the size of its head. Very tall, very heavily built, female, similar to most bigfoot pictures/drawings that one sees. Face was human like. Thick coat of hair, reddish brown, covering most of its body except hands, feet, half of face. Solid brown eyes.


Credit: http://www.bfro.net/gdb/show_report.asp?id=8547

18 Responses to “Hog hunter watches bigfoot kill hog”

  1. Patrick N

    Ya i read this a while ago …amazing. The leaping……amazing. A human wouldn’t know what hit them. The peeking isn’t cutesy peekaboo but hunting behavior. You’ll never see or hear the squatch that gets you……..yep.

  2. mark s

    This encounter is very interesting explaining the hunting behavior, I always thought they may go down to all fours to pouce on prey. The signalling to the other sasquatch just shows haw intelligent these creatures are and also knowing the witness was there and just walking away with the hog. Wow!

    • Mark B

      Diane, you stole my line. I think if it was me that Squatch was eyeballing my urine would have trickled down to the roots of that tree. Awesome encounter.

  3. DONNA G

    I just can’t imagine ever being in that position of having to watch a Bigfoot stalking a prey, attacking and killing it and then as it was walking away, to have it stop and look at me and know that I was there. I would faint or have a heart attack. I live in central Mississippi didn’t think we had any Bigfoot encounters here except for the one’s I read about in the 1970’s. Then when I started listening to this show and listened to the ones with Coonbo on then I just thought they were in northern Mississippi. Earlier this year, my local morning radio talk show, interviewed a man with the GCBRO who was on the show KILLING BIGFOOT. He told the radio host that he was monitoring a family of bigfoot in the forests about 55 miles east of where I live. I drive past those forests on the interstate every 3 months. I was not happy to hear they were so close to me. I like living in the concrete jungle.

  4. Tina A

    I have read a simular story, I don’t think this is the same one. I find it interesting how they leap from tree to tree, jumping to the base of the tree, this story says the animal jumped and landed on two feet…other story I read said the animal landed on all fours and crouched at the base of the tree. Either way this might explain how some sightings say they dont hear the sasquatch approching.

  5. Papa - Yeti

    Just think upon the many different ways in which these massive and very stealthy creatures could take out a person. Be it singularly or as a small group. Say as a lone hiker, a Collage professor trekking along a forest trail searching for mushrooms. Like suddenly a bed of forest leaves bursting into the air and a huge Sasquatch rising lightening quick to its feet, and as the frighten man turns, he sees a massive creature lowing its self down from a high tree limb a giant pine needle filled bough of which the man had just walked underneath of.

    -Or while trekking over a dry earth game trail and down in its subterranean den the creature senses the vibration overhead and hears the pattering of boots. / This encounter above just shows of their stealth and ability of knowing of the entire environment of which they are hunting. Do they even position one of their hunting party members as downwind to study the scents prior to the hunt and during?

    She could have known that tree stand was there from a previous observation / change in the environment; as well she could have studied the food source of which the hogs were so interested in right after the kill. As an awareness for study of its natural hunting territory, at all times, continuing to gather all information as always aware, always studying, always learning. Data of environment obtained and stored within their minds, and even to say: ‘discussed in their natural jargon, of what facts of the hunt, of the environment were noticed.’ To better ensure the survival in natural and as well in the human imposed upon, natural environments. These creatures are far smarter than many people I know, and some are very well educated; or is more fare to state, that the creatures are super observant / aware.

    • Roy B

      Or how about 4 people with IR cameras strapped to them with camera and sound guys in tow traipsing through the bush making loud howls, and beating baseball bats against trees, and all of a sudden they are surrounded by a group of “Squatches” and are set upon and pummelled into the ground.That would make great tv. lol

  6. Charles R

    This one has been one of my favs along with a hundred more. Guy was one lucky dude to be able to witness of one the hunting methods of a forest giant, somewhat similar of a lion in Africa. Just shows you the power of their limbs and the athletic finess and speed they poses. A huge bonus was witnessing the whoops to give a signal to another or more proving the whoops are a method of staying in contact with others, if not a whole lot more. When I go out I like to whoop, not a lot just now and then and it is easy to do.

  7. Daniel S

    I reckon only based on what I’ve read or heard is that they don’t normally mess with humans cos they know that this could at the very least, bring disruption, and as big and powerful as they are, humans are through cunning and nature very formidable foes.

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