Jan 13

High Uintah Experience

A listener writes “My son and I had an experience elk hunting in Utah in the Ashley National Forest a couple years ago.

Same place the helicopter pilot saw the family of Sasquatch in your best of episode. We were about 2 miles from any roads while backpacking into camp and had whoops, tree knocking and were escorted back to our truck along with complete silence.

I can go into more detail if you want like rocks being thrown at our feet. I honestly never gave two thoughts about that experience being Bigfoot related let alone thinking it was even a possibility they even exist. I honestly believed it was a weird sounding dog and people messing with us but then came across your podcast a few months later before I believed the truth of what we experienced.”

9 Responses to “High Uintah Experience”

  1. Rick P

    Sounds interesting would be nice to hear the whole story. it’s strange how listing to others encounters brings back memories of something that has happened to you in the past that you never really thought much of at the time.

  2. Charles R

    I remember the helicopter episode seeing the whole family, forgot it was in this area. The listener did not see the culprit I guess. It makes me wonder how many other people have activity like this (some more, some less) around them in the forest, and never put 2 and 2 together. Especially years ago, when there was only miniscule information about Sasquatch to be had.

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