Jun 28

Hidden Existence: Jay Burch And Leon Thompson

Sasquatch witness & investigator Jay Burch from Washington shares his experiences and encounters with bigfoot.

9 Responses to “Hidden Existence: Jay Burch And Leon Thompson”

  1. theresa m

    Good listening. Jay trashed you a bit, Wes. I don’t know if I would have put this up on my podcast but he did say something interesting. One dead sasquatch would not prove they are real. The government already has what it needs to prove they are real. Not sure if logging is the reason the government won’t admit they are real or if its because the government has a pact with aliens and some of these are aliens on our planet. A lot to ponder. Thanks, Wes!

  2. LaVonne J

    I prefer giving people encouragement and praise. I basically cruise on by without complaint or giving a negative opinion (except for the city dweller that thought all WNC was inhabited by rednecks and hillbillies and seemed to think he was on the fake movie set of Deliverance) but this Jay fella, who’ve I’ve never even heard of, had his own horrible opinions of Scott Carpenter AND Wes as well. He’s like a gossipy old woman. Most opinions like that are best kept to oneself. He’s not the only person to experience a bluff charge or PTSD from an encounter. Also, most on here don’t listen for entertainment (as was suggested) but to learn more of what we’re experiencing or have experienced. Especially when it’s on your property. I also don’t use foul language but he sure used a mouth full of it. So I don’t feel too bad saying that he SUCKS A$$! The Sasquatch we have here in the Smokies and southeast are different…..it appears most ARE different according to the area they’re in. Frankly he pissed me off so badly that I vented….right here. Safe to say I won’t be tuning into that little channel and piece of “entertainment” ever again.

  3. cynthia s

    The government knows sasquatch exists. They won’t disclose it because of greed. The loss of revenue from timber and public use of National and State parks. Conservationists will stop the destruction of habitat affecting timber and most people will stay away from camping, hiking fishing and even hunting if a 9 foot monster may be around any tree.

  4. Richard W

    I agree with the comments made by viewers, except for the Timber industry. They are necessary for our human existence in housing, etc. why would anyone want to protect a Sasquatch? We have extreme trouble finding them, and the have avoided us for centuries. LOL!

  5. William T

    I dont think Wes would begrudge Jays opinion. The guy is in pain. Told his encounter and was attacked. Really rang home when he expressed desire to have never seen it. We all familiar with cognitive dissonance but what of its opposite? Many of us have seen something that doesnt register. How you process that? Jay keeps returning to site, even moved closer. Lot of us keep returning, maybe seeking to verify what doesnt compute? Jay needs our help, lets support him.?

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