Apr 3

He said the monkey man brought him

A listener writes, “I live in Texas. I wanted to write you to let you know about some of the encounters that I’ve had with Sasquatch. I’m going to give brief descriptions of the Encounters in no particular order since it has been some time since this has happened from 96 to about 2002.

One encounter I had I found a young 4 to 5 year old boy in our part of the neighborhood who had been missing for more than 24 hours and was 40 to 50 miles away from home he only had a pair of shorts on no shoes or no shirt when I asked him where his mom and Daddy were he said he did not know I asked him how he got to our area he said the monkey man brought him.

Another incident is when I was in high school me and some of my friends would go out to the national forest and go hunting whatever we could get our hands on. One night we were in the National Forest drinking when three or four more creature started throwing rocks at us breaking the windshields of the vehicles we were in we started to shoot at them in Into the Woods at that moment the woods lit up like sirens we could hear screaming and yelling all over the place in a weird nasty smell was coming from the woods.

My father raised gamefowl which is another fancy name for chickens. One day I don’t know where we started missing two to three roosters and hens and night it wasn’t every night maybe every 3 or 4 days but the thing is my dad said it was a tall black man about six foot tall dressed in all black. My father put up a six foot tall chain-link fence in about two days later it was bent all the way down to the ground and the chickens resumed to disappear.

Other incidents when we were younger we would drink outside my parents home as kids in high school and we always felt like we were being watched weird smells would come like dead animal and urine kind of mixed together.

One day I caught a glimpse of one of the creatures he had to have been between 6 foot 7 foot tall. I was coming up my parents driveway which is about 75 to 100 feet long and the creature the creature was kind of looking around the house and when it seemed like I had lights coming up the driveway it hauled ass it was very fast.

I appreciate you taking the time to read my encounters if you wish to contact me, I can give you more specific details if you would like.”

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  1. Steven B

    “…4 to 5 year old boy in our part of the neighborhood who had been missing for more than 24 hours and was 40 to 50 miles away from home he only had a pair of shorts on no shoes or no shirt…”

    Sounds exactly like the condition many “Missing 411” children are found. David Paulides would most likely be VERY interested to hear that account.

  2. Glen K

    (New Jersey) It does sound like another good one. I’m still recovering from “The Episode” , aka SC EP : 419. That was something else! Hopefully I’ll be fine in a few days.

  3. m99

    He’s from Texas? What part of Texas? Is it, North East Texas? Central East Texas? Southeast, Central, South, Panhandle, West Texas? The state is like five regular state’s in one. It always bothers me when people say their encounter happened in Texas.

    I’m from Southeast Texas near the border of Southwest Louisiana. In a little country town in Southeast Texas there’s is a legend of the Gorilla in the woods. I used to know a girl who claimed she had seen it near her backwoods, river bottom family’s house. I didn’t buy it, because I was a stupid naive kid who wouldn’t believe it unless I saw it.

  4. Bal G

    Come on Wes, what part of East Texas, it’s a state within a state. Don’t take my word for it, just look at a map. Way too many Texas encounters end with the exact location not being given. It’s starting to smell,and not in a good way.

  5. Bob V

    Leave,was alone. There is a history of east Texas having these creatures around. Just because you might have doubts don’t be a horses behind. He does a great job. Plus I know what it’s like to figure out a sasquatch was coming into my grandmother’s yard; my son even saw it. But I’m told that’s impossible. I hope you run into one where you’d least expect it. Bob

  6. m99

    Excuse me Bob, who are you referring to anyway? In this comments section so far, no one has been a horses ass. What are you referring to, exactly?

    • m99

      That’s cool James. Do you know chris422? He’s from SWLA too. All my relatives are long gone, except my sister, who lives in Bossier City area. All my grandparents are gone, and my parents and their siblings. I miss going to SWLA in the summertime. Me and my cousins ran wild in the sugarcane fields and swam in the gullies. It was heavenly. My Cajun grandparents are buried in that huge cemetery in Lafayette. I went there in around 1997, and could not believe how much that town had grown. My grandmother died when she was 93 (in 1995) in a nursing home in Ville Platte.

  7. m99

    Hi James, I may have given an open to contacts impression above. I enjoy talking with the members here from an anonymous arrangement, especially because this is an internet community, and also because I am married to a guy who would probably frown upon me getting too involved here. Sorry. However, the forum is where we could exchange comments. Do you post there? Hopefully some day we are going to start attending conferences, especially the ones Wes attends. I wouldn’t be opposed to meeting other members that way. Thanks James.

  8. Bal G

    Don’t back off m99! You are 100% spot on with your earlier post. Way and I mean way too many Texas encounter have no location or even general vicinity of the encounter. Having said that, it is a credit to Wes to have these witnesses on. If they don’ t want to give away the location, it’s not on Wes, it’s on the witness. Keep up the good work and thanks Wes.

  9. m99

    Yes, that is true, it really doesn’t matter that much in the bigger picture. But, for instance, I’m from Southeast Texas, which rarely has reports of the BF. I know they’re there because I used to listen to them at night, howling and whooping. I was practically a baby, but I can’t forget the way the calls made me feel. The old timers used to joke about the woolly boogers, but I didn’t know what they were speaking of.

    If people know they’ll be more careful. There’s reports of people being in such shock that they literally can’t believe their eyes. One guy walked up and tried to touch the thing, that was standing in front of him about fifteen feet away. It turned out okay, but it could have gone far worse.

    And, Texas is like five states in one. Regions are different from each other. That’s one reason I want to know the location of the encounters.

  10. Steven J

    As one of those Texans and an active investigator, I can tell you all that it is generally extremely important to not disclose a location past a general region, like southeast texas, northeast texas, etc… The locals around here, and law enforcement, do not like the attention it brings. People really can find themselves in a big can of worms if they reveal a location, socially that is.

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