Nov 20

Gorilla Documentary – Gorillas: 98.6% Human

A gorilla experience like no other, Explore founder Charlie Annenberg travels to Rwanda to bring us up close to these gentle creatures. Through breathtaking footage of gorillas and the mystical mountains they call home – and guidance from Craig Sholley of African Wildlife Foundation – Charlie learns about efforts to preserve gorillas while feeling the adrenaline rush of a close encounter.

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6 Responses to “Gorilla Documentary – Gorillas: 98.6% Human”

  1. Charles R

    Just goes to show what a 1.4 percent difference came make.

    The reason the Sasquatch will survive is they will not let humans get this close, except in very rare circumstances.
    Such a shame only 700 left but number finally seem to be rising. I wonder if an experiment could not take place in North America by relocating a group to here. The temperate rain forested mountains would seem a good choice, but not sure if this area would meet their dietary habits. Maybe also the high mountains of Central Mexico. Somehow we have to make they survive, thrive and grow.

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