Jun 8

Giants And Fallen Angels Chained Up Underground

This video has been sent to me numerous times. It shows what sounds like human like noises coming from the ground. You can also hear the sound of chains. This video in particular is a reaction video. The video, I believe was taken in Iraq. I have my doubts on this one. If I could get the original video I could easily tell you within seconds if the sound was added or not but I see the original video has been wiped from YouTube. Take a listen and make up your own mind.


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  1. theresa m

    That is some weird sound, for sure. The first sound does sound like a human but the second one, because of it’s multiple wind pipe sound, sounds like a train whistle sounds when it is being blown. I’d love to know is this woman a military person with access to this area? Thanks, Wes!

  2. Kelsey W

    I don’t think ‘in the earth’ is physical. It’d be a spiritual dimension possibly in the same area. It is possible the government has some underground something tho.

  3. Kevin C

    Dunno, there are underground structures with things going on all over the planet, and when you research, that lines up both with the Bible and ancient texts. And there are recordings from long before computers of strange noises coming from, usually very deep holes in the earth. She is right, I’m convinced from multiple stories and sightings that there are human type giants living in the middle east today, but I’ve never heard of any being chained underground, not sure where she is getting that. Even the pre deluvian Nephalim we’re not captured and imprisoned, they were destroyed. The angels that created them weren’t the angels that fell with Satan and the angels reformable for the nephalim we’re cast into outer darkness, not into the earth. So that leaves hell with Satan and his crew if you want to go biblical. But in my opinion, it’s alien, and there isn’t any telling what they are up to. I’m betting everyone has a good idea of how that whole story works out very soon and they are going to learn the hard way.

  4. Rick S

    Sounds like BS to me. Sounds wouldn’t be that defined and with rrverb/echo if they were underground with the sound coming from a little hole. No way is this real.

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