Sep 18

Ghost Of A Child Miner Shows Up In Investigator’s Footage

A video filmed as an introduction to a paranormal investigation ended up featuring something rather unexpected.

British paranormal investigators Linzi and Lee Steer had been filming an introduction to their visit to Huskar Pit near Silkstone in South Yorkshire when they caught something strange on camera.

The site itself is known for a devastating 1838 mining disaster that resulted in the deaths of 26 children who had been working the mine when a flood left them trapped and unable to escape.

In the clip, as the camera pans out, it is possible to see what appears to be a ghostly apparition standing a short distance away in front of a tree in the background.

“It looks like a little girl standing there,” said Linzi. She looks like she’s got a little white dress and I can see a little face. mouth and two eyes. It looks like she’s elevated off the floor and she’s got bare feet.”

Since appearing on social media, the footage has been met with considerable skepticism with some people arguing that the video is either an outright forgery or a case of pareidolia – the tendency for the human brain to see meaningful shapes in abstract patterns.


You can check out the clip for yourself below – what do you think ?

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  1. Stacey C

    Wes, I just listened to an interview you did with Duke 6 yrs ago on his platform, it was a very good interview!!! In listening to you talk you said that the one guest you got ripped apart about was Gary Wayne. I want you to know that was one of my favorite episodes, both first and second! I have listened to them both many times. I do not understand why people get so hateful when it comes to the Bible. It has been proven many times that there’s so much truth in it, I don’t think it’s fair to those of us that do want to hear it, that are open minded and want to learn anything we can about Sasquatch and Fogman as well as other cryptids. Anyways I guess like most people I don’t realize how hard you get pounded on by “public experts”, so I want you to know I absolutely love love love your channel, I am a member and I enjoy it thoroughly!!! I love how you interview and allow the guests to actually talk and share what they went thru, I love that you do not stick to Sasquatch only, I love it all and your show is by far the BEST.. So if you don’t hear it enough you are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ron S

    From what I’ve experienced and also hear within some stories, there are many connections between things we deem either ghostly, paranormal, supernatural, spiritual or even Sasquatch.

    Some of the more common ones are with frightening sounds, but also when objects are less aggressively being taken, moved to a different location, appearing as being gifted or lost items eventually returned… Sometimes even more aggressively things are being slammed or thrown, similar to poltergeist activity.

    In both instances it isn’t uncommon to hear of unusual anomalies of shadow, lights, glowing eyes or floating orbs.

    For quite a while now I personally have been under the impression that sometimes these intelligences might not appear to everyone or be able to be experienced by any two people the same way… sometimes encounters seem more like personalized experiences for the one or more witnesses.

    When these things are attempted to be captured in a photo or video the likelihood of getting clear footage is minimal or usually blurry in both cases.

    You also hear tales of ghosts where someone is witnessed having a conversation with someone who they later learned had passed away, or someone swears they were having a conversation with a physical person and video or testimony from other sources shows there actually wasn’t anyone else there and appears as though the witness is talking to thin air or even an unusual light. This goes along with my thoughts about “Sasquatch” not likely to be seen by just anyone at any given time like you could with known animals.

    Sometimes sightings may happen when two people are together but only one person is a witness as the other is looking a different direction at that specific moment… I don’t think this is coincidence, I think this is intelligently and purposefully done.

    I think it’s beyond probable that there is an entire spirit world/realm around us all the time that many people are simply in denial about. This spirit realm sometimes interacts within the world we commonly know and can appear to us as 100% physical and also apply physical force to objects within this realm as well.

    It could be hard to imagine, but usually we don’t have a camera viewing our surroundings most of the time, and since we don’t have 360 degree vision we really can’t say what goes on outside of what we see most of the time. The world is indeed full of cameras but where there isn’t eyes or cameras fixated that still leaves a lot of room outside of what we cannot visually capture for something else to experience our environment and world at any given moment.

    There may actually be a day when Bigfoot researchers might have the shocking conclusion that they should consider themselves somewhat more like ghost hunters or paranormal researchers. Personally I don’t go looking for the unexplained myself with spiritual things as it seems like you’re chasing more dark types energy. Positive energy makes you earn it, value it and it doesn’t give you what you want so readily as dark things do… don’t be fooled. Basically, instant gratification is easily tied to sin.

    Maybe it’s time we all become more aware in a spiritual sense. I think that’s the basic overall message for everyone when it comes to the unexplained that kind of goes right over people heads… over their heads like a UFO you say? There are similarities there also, but not sure on that one yet, haha🧐.

    🌞🙏🏼Blessings to all and may the Lord keep you.❤️

    • Ron S

      I hope everyone on the other side of the planet where it is now dark sleeps as peacefully as I feel the sun shines for all of us on this side right now.

      If we all thought that way, maybe over there they would wish the same for us when our darkness comes. 🌚 💫

      • Ron S

        Maybe that’s it. People waking up in the daylight on one side of the planet at a time thinking conscious and hateful thoughts in the daylight, then manifesting things to emerge or exist the darkness on the opposite side of the globe at the same time… kinda makes sense.

        Do I get a Nobel Prize for that or something? 😂

        • Ron S

          If we have something eerie or strange happen at midnight here, you could assume they’re talking trash about us on the other side of the globe on their lunch break 😂
          Good thoughts only people!

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