May 10

From The Shadows: Bigfoot Won’t Leave An Ohio Couple Alone!

From The Shadows writes “Michael joins us from south of Youngstown to share many stories of what he believes are a family unit of Bigfoot on his property. From rock throwing, screams, footprints, and staring in windows, these creatures are constantly making their presence known.”

4 Responses to “From The Shadows: Bigfoot Won’t Leave An Ohio Couple Alone!”

  1. STEVE W

    Ohio has no shortage of sasquatches. I have no idea why so many like Ohio, But we do have the buckeye trail , It runs all the way around the state, Many areas of the trail is rural

  2. Linda B

    Ohio for me is rural countryside and farms with fields of crops. For me crops = food, crops = deer eating crops = Sasquatch eating deer. Makes me think of the Ohio Grassman. It’s amazing to me to listen to someone so accustomed to having sasquatch in their yard. Neighbors not talking about it, could bring the property values down.
    About keeping your doors open, in broad daylight, a cougar nabbed a dog off a bed between two people taking a nap (their sliding glass door was open) in Kittredge, CO, so my doors would be locked; at least you could hear it coming if it broke the door down.
    I pray God will keep them away when I go camping.
    I’m going to go out in about 15 minutes and turn my recorder in. Just before dark, they seem to do their calling at this lake we camp at. Wish me luck.

  3. Charles R

    This Michael seems to be off the charts with activity around his property and surely the area. He seems to be exuberant about it and has a good relationship, always on their terms, with the troop. He is inviting other people to contact Shane and screen them to come into his property and witness. Almost seems to good to be true. However this area of Ohio just may be the hottest area for Sasquatch at the moment, and maybe for a long time.

    • Charles R

      I may have found a correlation. I checked 2023 Ohio DNR deer kill by county, and this region of Ohio far and away had the most deer harvested of any Ohio region.

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