Jan 7

Frightened by the enormity of the creatures

Interesting account-

1998, Holeb Pond, Maine: Robert Martin was hiking around Holeb Pond when he heard tremendous splashing. Thinking there might be some fun ahead he rushed toward the noise.

He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw two huge hairy red Bigfoot playfully splashing each other. one stood in the water about knee deep while the other stood at the water’s edge, clearly trying to stay dry.

The Bigfoot in the water kept reaching into the pond and flinging water at the other who would howl in frustration. Martin stared in disbelief before slowly creeping away.

It was only about a half an hour later than Martin remembered the camera hanging around his neck. He still tells the story of how he was too frightened by the enormity of the creatures to actually take their photograph.



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    • Mary W

      As the creature moves the distance between them shrinks away rapidly! It looks like ” hold on I’m comming around the pond to see what u guys are up to ! “

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