Apr 30

Four-wheeler riders are observed by a tall white biped

2005, Daviess County, Kentucky, I saw a white colored bipedal animal, it looked to be around or over 7 feet tall, broad shoulders, and thick coarse hair draping off of the creature. Seen at dusk while riding on a fourwheeler trail to check a soybean field for deer.

It looked at me and my brother (for what seemed like minutes but probably seconds, staring us in the eyes) overwhelmed with fear I geared down my fourwheeler. Looking down for a second to realize I was in neutral, as i looked back up trembling with fear he was almost out of sight running through the woods away from our direction. Nobody could have played a joke on us, it is private land and nobody knew we were going back there but the landowner that we told right before we drove back there.

It was standing less than 50 yards from us. I honestly don’t know how i missed such a large animal, but once i saw it I knew what it was. Hard to say it wasn’t a bigfoot when I saw it with my own eyes. It’s just hard to convince people that wasn’t there. So little evidence, but I’ll be going to the grave with this story.


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  1. Paul M

    Wow very nice. Your lucky to see this BF. them gray or white polar bears are not the most common seen. But seems they do have some numbers that are white ones. Thanks for sharing.

  2. DrAaron

    I have really been impressed with how comfortable hunters have been with attesting on SC. I have to say they are my favorite witnesses second only to farmers. I can only imagine the fantastic accounts that are residing undiscovered within the agronomic men and women that spend more time in their perfect niche than any other people… Wes, can you get the farmers to talk like the hunters have opened up?

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