Nov 16

Followed Home By Something

A listener writes “My encounter happened in 98 or 99 In the upper peninsula of Michigan on The L’Anse Indian Reservation. I was visiting some friends and as it got early in the Mourning like 1 a.m. I decided it was time to walk home.

So I started to walk out of the cul de sac to where it tees at the end. To the other side of the road is a popular bike trail or a short cut through the woods never the less. Now the road That I take home is without any street lights but one in the middle. Where another road intersects it. It was a cool August night and so dark You couldn’t see your hand in front of your face.

I started to hear the leaves and sticks start crunching in the woods to my right. I started to get fear as tho a black bear was getting closer for an ambush. I keep walking and I started to realize that it was stepping in sequence with my steps. I was now being paralleled by something just in the tree line. I stopped in mid-stride and turned to look in the tree line as tho I could see but whatever the case it stopped exactly when I did.

Every Thing Felt Like Pending Doom In The Total Darkness and horror That Just Now Started To Join me for at least For a stroll on this unknowing, Unheard of situation smack in the middle of the reservation. After Waiting in stride for at least 30 seconds, my only option was to continue at home. I had two thoughts, Im still alive and don’t run. I also had the feeling of relief in sensing that I had not heard a sound since I had stopped in place. With my first stride from a standing position. I heard footfall once again.

This went on for approximately 10 to 12 steps. I couldn’t see my own hand in my face due to the darkness that surrounded me, But I recall being able to see my heart jumping out of my chest. Thats real when one becomes as terrified as me.With the next step,I stopped once again in middle stride. I thought that any second I was a dead man.

My next thought was that I was going to die. Then after another 30 seconds after stopping, I noticed that whatever this was,it had once again stopped and shear pending doom fell over me and my heart was pumping so hard I was sweating like It was raining.

My only thought was to continue on home as I was looking at the only street light that was on another road that comes to a t with the road I’m walking on. About a quarter mile away yet. With every step I took in was crunching in the tree line paralleling me as I calmly walked down the road.Once I made it to the light I stopped and tried to get a look at what it was but once it didn’t make another sound I turned and ran because my body was screaming for it. If not I may have went into cardiac arrest.”

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