May 4

Figure Found at Bluff Creek on Google Earth

Some are calling this Bigfoot captured on Google Earth, I am not convinced. It is interesting but it could be a lot of things.

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  1. Dave H

    Go to Google Earth and look up these grid references

    41° 16′ 44.06″ N — 123° 40′ 47.29″ W – Is that a big black figure standing in the stream perhaps?

  2. Charles R

    You are right Wes. Just not enough to tell. It certainly is possible on this one with info I have seen so far and that is better than I can say with most internet nonsense.

  3. Eddie M

    How do you get on Google Earth and it not be an “Historical”photo? I just tried my own house and I can tell by forest across the road this is an Historical Photo…taken a while back before tree’s were harvested. My second question: Is Google Earth Photo’s edited.??

    • Jacqueline O

      That’s exactly what I was trying to figure out? How does he know it’s “Historical” vs “Non-Historical”? Although it appears to be just another blobsquatch, discovering that the image was manipulated or deleted makes it much more suspicious.

  4. Milton L

    How annoying to have no coordinates posted WITH the story – especially when doing so would make it easy to have a look for yourself.
    Here are the Google Earth Coordinates for this story: 41°19’11.73″N, 123°42’14.16″W

  5. James L

    Google sees all! They caught my hunting camp last Nov. By vehicles location I knew which day it was and was able to zoom in and find the location of my partners It was a Sat afternoon around 1pm. It’s only a matter of time before more like this are found.

  6. William L

    Since this was posted by M.K. Davis, that alone causes me to give it some benefit of the doubt. To me, M.K. is one of the most reputable Sasquatch investigators out there. I believe he goes out of his way to vet statements and/or photographs. There is room for argument about this photo, but my inclination would be to accept it as described by M.K. If someone challenged the validity of the photo, I would evaluate any evidence to support the challenge rather than just dismissing it out of hand.

  7. Lise B

    I once saw something that looked like a Bigfoot climbing a hill side on google hearth..
    Why I didn’t save it boggles my mind, because I looked at it from many angles and it was plain as day. Not a bush shadow or Boulder. I searched elsewhere and was not able to find it again. Dummy! It was dark with shinny hair.
    Thanks MK

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