May 22

Experiencing the Impossible – Ron From Lake Erie

The Paranormal Portal writes “On this episode of the Paranormal Portal Podcast, we welcome Ron from Lake Erie area. Ron grew up with several cultural experiences. With a first nations heritage and some of his ancestry having strong Celtic roots and religion, the world of the unseen has been a part of his life. This is capitalized by several experiences with both the spirit world as well as a surprising UFO sighting.”

3 Responses to “Experiencing the Impossible – Ron From Lake Erie”

  1. Ron S

    Well, that was a lot of information Ron, thank you 🙏🏼. I guess it’s one of those episodes you have to listen to more than once because I got as far as the part where he talks about hunting while running silently and the peripheral eye bunnies, then I heard something go PFFFFFFT, then there was a small puff of smoke from somewhere, and from that point on I may have experienced missing time because all I remember is hearing Brents sympathetic moans and grunts. You seriously could have broken that interview down into at least 8 different episodes.
    It really seems like Ron has a good heart and a plethora of things to talk about… maybe Brent could have him on the show as a weekly guest:)!

    • Ron S

      Wes, sure could use a dreams blog soon. I’ve got a good one that I woke up to this morning that I feel will be more orderly and maybe I won’t look quite as nutty to some people if my overly winded comments match the subject matter lol

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