Jun 12

Encounter On Highway In Louisiana

A listener writes “In May of 2013, I got a place in Lafayette with my now wife. That fall, I had to drive three hours north to my hometown for a dentist appointment scheduled for 8am. I was driving north with my cruise set, following an older white sedan by about 4 seconds, listening to music, and finally feeling awake from the coffee I had just finished. I remember thinking to myself how the fog looks eerie as it was just beginning to barely glow in the early twilight.

All of a sudden, I noticed the car in front of me had slammed their brakes hard and is rapidly approaching me. I too brake hard while switching to the left lane to avoid hitting the white car. As I am changing lanes, I see an enormous black figure stepping away from the road. I do not see any fine details, as I am traveling at interstate speed and avoiding a collision, but I do, however, distinctly see the silhouette of a man with two legs, two arms, broad shoulders, and a head. I at first assumed it to be a vagrant built like a linebacker in all black and walking south along the interstate, because what else could it be, and I still maintain that this crazy possibility is about as likely as actually seeing what my grandmother called a “booger.”

This view is brief and as I pass them, both the upper and lower parts of the figure disappear from the view of the passenger window, leaving only a solid black mass obscuring the view of the surrounding scene. Imagine passing a cyclist that you can see through the windshield. As you pass them, their image goes from the windshield to the smaller passenger window and your view of their legs and the wheels are obstructed from view due to the dimensions of the window. This obstructed view was what I saw.

As I pass this black figure, I also see that it is far past the white line of the road and is in fact past the shoulder and stepping into the grass, left foot forward, and headed down the embankment away from the road. So they are in the grass and I am in the left lane, which puts it 20-30feet away. Despite this distance, the majority of the figure disappears from my view, leaving only the solid black of its torso. I immediately realize this figure crossing the road is at least eight feet tall as it would have to be close to twice as tall as my car. It was also very wide since it takes up the entire view of the passenger window. This whole scene happened so fast, but I know what I saw, a very large black figure shaped like a man and close to twice as tall as my car, that had just crossed the road in front of the car ahead of me.”

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