May 16

Encounter In West Virginia

A listener writes “I’m just going to jump right into it. I grew up in Maryland all my life and always lived in the city but was never shy of the woods. I was always hiking or fishing when I was younger. So I was no stranger to the outdoors.

My relation with Sasquatch was always curious, my grandfather always watched the old where wolf, Dracula, and Bigfoot movies, but it was never shed in a scary of negative light.

My first and second encounter happened at the same location it was a youth camp my church took us to up in the mountains of West Virginia. My first encounter happened at night my friends and I were playing flashlight tag near our cabins. A little bit of geography about the campground, there is a gravel road that basically splits the campground down the middle. On the right side is the mess hall and the boys cabins the left side is the sanctuary and straight ahead is the girls cabins. The thing is the boys cabins are basically on top of this mountain and you have to climb a ton of stairs to get there. So this means it’s away from everything else. So anyways we are playing flashlight tag with those horrible little 100 lumen incandescent light bulbs so we couldn’t see ten feet past us. So we’re cutting up playing and laughing when all of a sudden one of my friends says “look and owl! ” so we all start shining our lights toward it and we noticed the eyes were huge and green but they weren’t glowing and it was swaying back and forth but it was so hard to see I don’t know if it was the flashlights we had or it almost seemed like the light just stopped right before I got to it. Then we noticed these massive shoulders and how tall it was but before we could see any more of it our counselor called us all in for bed. We tried to get him to see what we saw but he sort of just rushed us into the cabin.

My second encounter was 2 years later in the morning. Everyone was in the mess hall eating breakfast and the mess hall was about half way up the mountain but how it was positioned everyone sat facing down the mountain and that when the sun rose it shone down the mountain the same way we were facing. Where I saw this creature was on a little gravel place where the kids could play. I just look over and I see this thing walking from my right to my left. The distance was about 350yards but it was very bright and clear. What I saw seemed to be 7ft tall jet black it didn’t have a conical head or anything like that. I couldn’t see any facial features or visible breasts. It just walked nonchalantly about 15-20 yards the went right back in the woods.”

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