Apr 10

Encounter In Oregon

A listener writes “We flew out to Oregon for a week for an athletic event that my family and I got invited to compete in and we decided to take a small trip afterwards up into Government Camp where we rented an AirBnB (I’d be happy to point out the house on google maps). The house was positioned at the very edge of the woods with a trailhead leading right to the driveway. The first night was mainly us relaxing and finding some activities for the next morning.

There was no sightings or anything the first night but my sister was flashing a light out on the balcony of the house. To be honest that’s what I think kind of signaled whatever we saw/interacted with that we were even there. The same night while me and my dad were in the hot tub under the balcony, I felt like I was being watched (my back was to the woods at this point). So I ended up switching sides and the feeling was still there but I couldn’t pin point it, my dad said he didn’t really notice it but he could have been lying just to not freak me out. I’ve always felt comfortable in the woods, but I don’t know if it was because this was my first time in the PNW but it felt really really off. We headed off to bed around 9ish with no other problems that day.

The three days we were there went off without a hitch, but the nights were always uneasy. My sister and I were sleeping up on the second floor with my parents on the first. This is where it starts to kind of get weird. My mom said that she woke up in the middle of the (second) night and saw a figure standing at the window that was absolutely massive. She described it with no neck and almost hunched over to look inside the window. And on the third night she said she saw two of them. She even said she couldn’t move almost like she was paralyzed as they just sort of stood and stared. Neither of my parents before this trip ever even considered them being real, we all just joked about them. My sister and I weren’t told about this until the morning we were leaving.

That morning I went outside to the balcony to see where they could’ve even gotten onto it. I walk around the side and see broken spindles (I think that’s what they were called). This side of the balcony was right next to a gravel path which is shown in the video attached. Granted, it could have Absolutley been snow that knocked them out of place but it was strange it was only on that one side. Either way I go look out onto the gravel path and see some weird spots where the gravel is just slightly higher than the rest (the picture is terrible but it’s the best one I got).

So like an idiot teenager I go to the piece of woods where they most likely came from but don’t see anything weird so I was about to turn around and head back up when something hit a tree. It really freaked me out and I just kinda stood there and then another thing hit it. I’m pretty sure they were rocks but I had no clue where they could’ve came from. So I ended up booking back up into the house.

The house also has a guest log book for families and their adventures which is pretty cool, we had a few moments to skim through it and found an entry written by a few kids talking about a man dressed in all black with a light. It was really strange since I think there were two other descriptions written like that by other kids. No adults mentioned it at all which was even creepier.”


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  1. Charles R

    Your parents did not mention the window peekers, which by the description could well be Sasquatches until you left. Huh. I guess being a Mother she did not want to alarm the children. Did anyone bring up the possiblilty of Sasquatch?

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