Apr 10

Encounter From Utah

Mysteries Unknown writes “I talk with Jane. She had one of the scariest Class A Encounters with Bigfoot that I have heard so far when she was just a kid in the mountains of Utah. This Bigfoot creature attacked their camp and she is lucky to be alive to share this encounter.”


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5 Responses to “Encounter From Utah”

  1. STEVE W

    What a jerk Sasquatch, She is right, People dont understand the impact it has on a person when they lay eyes on one, Any blissful ignorance is gone, I don’t trust a dam thing our government now says , One of the reactions involves getting pissed off, You realize that gov does not care at all about anyone’s life, In fact they would hide or erase you if need be

  2. Charles R

    I have heard of many coming up to the tents, and of course rummaging through supplies and coolers, and even pressing down on the tent sometimes touching the occupants, but then they usually leave. However, roaring with the lungs of a grizzly at a tent full of kids is quite remarkable. It is hard to say what set it off, perhaps it just had a bad attitude that day like us humans have. At least it left after Jim ran into it. I think the whooping is a signal to others in the troop and has been noted as such by hunters witnessing.

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