Dec 13

East Texas Sasquatch Expeditions


I spoke to Mo and they currently have expeditions underway for February and March.If you have never heard or seen anything strange in the woods these are the guys you want to go out with.

$500.00 for 3 days includes Field guides to take you to Sasquatch hots spots, lessons in tracking, print casting, food is provided everyday and a safe base camp. Don’t miss out on this adventure- Contact Mo at 443-794-7698


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    • Christopher c

      Hell Yeah! I want to come out and hang out with you guys!,I need to start saving some chickens together,my dad is from a place called Refugio Tx. and he has not been back since the 60’s ,I have never been there so we really want to go visit his hometown sometime soon before we both get too old he is in good shape still so when we do I want to make a full trip of it Squatching included meaning you guys!,the funny thing is I never had a clue that Texas had these types of problems and I never believed in this stuff until I had 3 class b encounters on the Ca. -Or. border anyway it’s funny I was talking to a real estate lady about a property in the Angelina Nat.forest and somehow (me)we got to talking about the subject of Squatch and she blew my mind!- this Texas lady knew all about it the boogers,MoMo all that -she named a few I never heard of, she said her grandpa told her about those things when she was growing up -she talked my head off about it! needless to say I was hooked and I told my dad we really need to go visit Texas,Mo when it’s T time I have your # saved in my phone!thank you Wes!

  1. Kim L

    Wow! does that ever sound like some fun!
    And $500 for 3 days in the field? You won’t find a better deal than that.
    I can’t wait to hear how these trips work out, can they guarantee I won’t poop and pee my pants, and if I do, my privacy will be held sacred?

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