Sep 14

Dreamland: Bigfoot Sounds

The YouTuber writes “Bigfoot sounds have been recorded for years, and Ron Moorehead of probably knows more about this than any other researcher in the field. Ron tells us about his research, and we listen to a sample of Bigfoot sounds that he has either recorded himself or authenticated. At the same time, he explains that Bigfoot has language, and just what some of the sounds actually mean”

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  1. Charles R

    I have the 2 cd’s called the Sierra Sounds from Ron. Absolutely fabulous. I only wish I had been there with this group in the 70’s. Would also love to hike up there with them in these times for a few days and try to interact.
    Whitley Strieber and I have something in common as in close encounters of the 3rd kind, although his were a lot more extensive than mine were – I think.

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