Jan 10

Down the rabbit hole part 2

I will be releasing Down the rabbit hole part 2 over the weekend. I spoke to Jack who was called off to a 911 call. It was a bogus call to an abandon house. The mayor was contacted by the El Paso Intelligence Center (EPIC) and advised that Jack was not at his post and not responding to service calls. After an hour of being yelled at the mayor contacted the chief of police and gave him and ear full. The chief of police than contacted Jack. Jack was able to provide proof he was on duty and in fact responded to the 911 call in a matter of minutes. The chief of police reviewed the logs from dispatch and Jack then contacted the mayor to find out what this is about. The mayor contacted the El Paso Intelligence Center (EPIC) and there was no record of who originally made the complaint to the mayor or even that the mayor was contacted. Jack will come back on to tell us about it.

In Down the rabbit hole part 2 we will be also talking to Bob Garrett as well as another witness who says he had an aggressive encounter while working for the forestry department and had a run in with our “Grizzly Adams” character, not only did he have a run in but says he knows who he is. We will try to blast his name out on the air to give him a taste of his own medicine.

Picture courtesy of our listener MDEL

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    • jeff m

      Do we need another example of how bloated our Federal government has become? How many people sit on their @sses and monitor legal, tax paying, law-abiding private citizens? Do not be intimidated by these bed-wetting, booger eating do nothings whose job is secured no matter how much they f-up.

  1. Victoria A

    If there is no record of the mayor speaking to someone from EPIC, does the mayor have a clue as to who was yelling at him for over an hour or is he used to taking hour long calls and not taking the time to get a name number, etc,? This description of his behavior makes him/her sound rather foolish and ineffectual. As others have been saying, shine a light on everything.

  2. Tyler D

    N Bob Garrett is not only a legend in the field. But he’s a solid guy from what I’ve picked up from the big thicket watch. He doesn’t deserve the treatment he’s gettin from not only the government but his own local police department. It’s not right. We’re here for you Bob

  3. Renee B

    I expect this kind of government obstruction on sasquatch activity in the pacific northwest but here in Texas? If they are doing this in east Texas imagine what they are doing in bigfoot hotspots. I can’t wait for part 2

  4. Patti M

    You guys All be careful they aren’t going to take any of this lightly. If anything would happen to any of you we know where to start to start raising HELL and pointing fingers (talk about poking the bear they will find out they poked a whole bunch of Mama bears) we are supposed to have freedom of speech and be protected by our government NOT treated like we have no rights and put in KNOWN danger.

    • David R

      That’s what I’m thinking! They’ll try to shut this show down. I can see they’re point. They don’t want people to panic, and quit camping, fishing, hunting, etc. The tree huggers will go after the timber industry to shut them down. It will change our lives as we know it. REALLY THINK ABOUT IT!!!

  5. Norman B

    just so you know…we are all being tapped through this website by sources unknown, I have software that was developed by a MIT Grad/ IT,close friend of mine and it detects Grade A spyware and Tapping on my OS, and it goes crazy when I come to this site, needles to say I have heavy encryption protocols implemented that I constantly monitor and when I see a close breakthrough…..I shut it down

  6. Travis J

    I love being able to say that I am a citizen of the United States of America. As a citizen I vote with the wonderful freedom of choice that this beautiful country allows me to. I vote for who I feel will best represent what I believe and support. If there is anyone in our government who is tapping into Wes or Will or Shannon’s phone because there communicating with Bob Garett, or Ken or Jack or whoever come forward and explain. Say to those of us who have encountered the creature that were mistaken. That we saw a deformed bear or that somehow the strongest LSD ever was somehow mixed into are unopened water bottles and made us hallucinate. What are you tapping? What is it about this site and it’s information that is making you other shadow dwellers so stressed about? Send someone forward to explain. Because my wife is the one who found this site for me. She is all to familiar with how my encounter just completely changed my whole being. She is wonderful, she has helped me face my fears head on and to help me get back to being normal. Another thing that is helping is Wes and Will and Shannon. There interviews that they share with us as an audience is very healing. So if there are some of you SECRET “USA” government weirdos tapping into this site and to it’s members and guess, BACK THE F&@K OFF. You guys have sent us into enough wars in our country’s lifetime along with putting us in an ungodly debt and every other insane causes that fail from our government that you guys owe us as citizens some credit. We constantly forgive you, we stand and put our hands over our hearts to say our pledge even though you as our government has failed us multiple times, we still forgive you. What is so important about this creature? I believe Ken is correct in his opinion on the cover up along with Wills, we will forgive you, we’ve never trusted you but regardless of what your intentions are about covering up for this creature, your wrong! Besides, the creature has already made it known to thousands of individuals that he exists, so he betrayed you anyway. Stop being cowards and tapping a phone line. Sorry to everyone for getting a little personal on here. But this site has really helped me along with I enjoy it along with reading everyone else’s encounters and ideas. Grizzly Adams, I will meet you again, and this time you’ll know what the intimidation feels like!

  7. Steve E

    SC seems to be the one true and giant voice of BF truth out there, I wonder how long until the Fed’s (or North Koreans) start hacking and trying to disrupt things?

    • Robert D

      Think about it Steve E, the N. Koreans want to discredit the US government by any means. If anything, they’d back SC. N. Korea doesn’t need to discredit the US government anyhow, the government does a great job discrediting itself.

  8. James M

    Just goes to show how big of a piece shit our goverment really is. Come try and intimidate me goverment and tell me what I didn’t see. I’ll do just like that cop said and take you around back and whip your ass. People need to know about this kind of shit and so far this site is not letting us down. Great job Will, Wes, and Shannon. Now as far as Bob Garrett, there better be nothing that happens to him. We will know who is responsible. Keep up the great work guys and gals.

  9. Michael W

    It would be an amazing feat to know that a small podcast single handedly forced the governments hand for Bigfoot disclosure does any one else get excited and feel like we are so close to have this thing having th doors blown off it?

  10. Robert D

    What these true researchers and eyewitnesses need in their favor is people that have nothing to lose to go out for them and spread the truth. Some people only have a few years left on this planet mitigating factors. They’d be the perfect choice for outting the real information.

    As for Mr. Bob Garrett, Jack, Ken, Will, Wes, Shannon and the guests who have brought their experiences to light, we as SC subscribers (hopefully thousands and thousands) need to keep these folks safe. We all need to formulate a plan that is ready at a moment’s notice to be enacted for their safety.

    If some government fatcat deems that any of these people be arrested or worse, we need to find said fatcat and make them pay dearly.

    Our government, run by republicans or democrats, is a joke at best and a group of murderers at worst.

  11. Patrick K

    Obviously the spooks made a fake 911 call to get Jack in trouble/out of the conversation. Poke a bear… Hold a tiger by the tail… Look at what they are doing to Bob, if they can erase his online presence without even the blogtalk (or whatever it’s called) people knowing, take his facebook page down without the “OK” from facebook, then you guys are hitting a nerve. I have to say that I admire the balls of you gentlemen and ovaries of our new lady. Just beware of the endgame. Were they tapping the call? It seems so. They probably know you and your reactions better than you think they do. Don’t sell out. Don’t give up. Don’t conform. We will support and defend you at all costs. The truth needs to be known. I’m a paid subscriber but please don’t keep the “good/shocking” content from your listeners who aren’t. Love your show. Keep it up.

  12. Bernadine F

    An interview I listened to on blogtalk about a year ago where a hunter in Virginia shot a big foot describes the same exact two men using those same exact words going to his home to talk to him after reporting it to fish and game. Said they came in a black van and one of the men was clean cut, neat, in a suit n tie and was very nice n polite. The other man was crude, very big, dirty looking and had long hair n a beard. They asked to hear the details of his encounter and when he was through the scruffy man rudely insisted that he didn’t see what he thought he saw in a very threatening manner and proceeded to warn him that he better keep quiet and not tell anyone anything. That happened 10 years ago and that mas hadn’t told anyone till last November. Hmmmmmm……very strange. Ok just found interview on You tube on CryptoWatch channel called “Bigfoot Encounter – Bigfoot Shot – Exclusive! Never Told Until Now!” at about 28mins you hear his description.

  13. Scott A

    These guys show up whenever and wherever they feel like to catch people off guard and unprepared so that they won’t have witnesses or be able to press record on anything. I would want to have multiple cameras and audio recorders recording everything around me all day long to be ready. And not just on my body but squirreled away everywhere I go activated by voice command or the push of a secret button. You could pull out a tin of brownies or fresh baked cookies and say some keyword, “Cookies?” pre-programmed to start recording or just say “Record” “Whisper into your collar, “They’re here. Begin recording.” “No we don’t want any of your damn cookies! And we know you’re recording! Turn off the recorder!”

    “Which one?” 😉

    Because they would not know how many you had or where they were. Unless they get into your home while you are out and put up cameras.

    The whole idea is silly except for the fact that they are serious, wrong and intent on intimidating people to shut up. I would love to see them on video with audio all over the place on the Internet and the links sent to news organizations worldwide.

  14. Renee B

    One question. Why was the officer doing a podcast while on duty? I work with cops so am familiar with protocalls. Was he on a lunch break or something? Just seems strange that he had to take a call while on the show.

  15. Audie J

    Hmmmmmm………..not sure if anyone commented on this…..the picture courtesy of the insider: you think they can figure out who’s desk the pic was taken from?…….. Just saying

  16. John s

    Wes are you releasing part 2 I live in England and guess what? IT’SWINDY AND RAINING and I ccan’t wait any longer my country is crap i beg you put me out of my misery and keep up the good work

  17. Vicki W

    There used to be a video on Stacy Brown’s youtube channel with a similar cover up story involving the 2 goons. There were a couple of forest workers or something that hit a juvenile BF or found one dead on a roadside. I believe it was in Florida and happened in the aftermath of a hurricane. At any rate, they reported it and subsequently got the visit and were told they hit a bear. They threatened their jobs and retirement. The voice was obscured.
    Also, if you go back and listen to the Brenda Harris episodes of SC, she talks about some people hitting one on a road and getting a visit. They took their cell phones and erased all the pics, then threatened them and their relatives who were getting disability assistance. They told them if they didn’t keep their mouth shut that would stop.
    It seems odd they would go to this extreme in a way, as most people could hear any of this info and they would write it off as crazy talk. They can show a pic of the thing and still people scoff and say it’s fake. It just doesn’t seem necessary to threaten and harass Bob or any of the others. Only a handful of believers and knowers know who Bob is or believe him. I know they want to keep it that way, but again most of the population would not be fazed by anything being said here by any of these people. Why are they so afraid this time?
    Something else to think about. It’s well known that the govt. and company use the tactic of divide and conquer. If you think about the BF community, division and bickering are rampant. They have been busy within it seemingly.

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