Aug 8

Dogman Narratives: Stranded on the side of the road

During July of 2016 a couple driving home witness someone stranded on the side of the road. They were driving down New England Road, in Wayne National Forest of Ohio. The couple helps out the person in need. As they are helping her, they feel as if they are being watched.

They hear something breathing in the tree line. As they are waiting for the woman to call someone, they are being stalked by something in the woods. This dogman encounter leaves the three, and her dog, terrified. They quickly leave and take the woman to were she needs to go. Could it be the dogman of Germantown? Or, the Ohio Grassman. Whatever it was, they never see the creature again.

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  1. m99

    Right?! And how to they stay hidden (usually)? What do they eat to sustain the size of these monsters. I get a chill when I think of how vulnerable PPR and her young family were in that van when they had their encounter so many years ago. Dang.

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