May 13

Dogman Narratives: Dogman Looks Through My Window

During the summer of 2015, a retired watch maker and did repairs out of his basement. When a dogman becomes a peeking Tom. His name was Marco and had studied watch making in Italian where he was originally from.

When he moved to America he settled in Jefferson County Tennessee. One night a large dog that looked like a werewolf looks through his window. The dogman first goes through his trash. As Marco investigates the noise he catches a glimpse of the dogman. As he calls the cops they investigate the disturbance, but are there for a short time. He has had one other dogman encounter since that night.

9 Responses to “Dogman Narratives: Dogman Looks Through My Window”

  1. Jeffrey H

    I really look forward to DM Narratives! They are so well done. It’s like watching the story as it’s told. The one with the guy at the cabin where the truck was parked up next to the cabin, had a great bumpersticker on it. I loved what it said and it’s so true too! No, I’m not going to tell you what it says. Go to the channel and watch the video or videos!

  2. Melissa S

    That’s creepy as hell!!! This is why I don’t bow hunt anymore… My brother and I have been growled at something big a couple of times in the woods after the night hunt, we both grew up in Michigan and in the woods… We’re pretty good at identifing MI animals so these creeped us out and we got out of their pretty quickly…. I can’t imagine Marco being 5ft from this thing, SMH, too scary… Have a great night everyone

    • Derek G

      I hear you… Knowing these things are out there has changed my care free early morning walks to deer stand and even doing wood now takes a pep talk to convince myself they aren’t around… Then I head out into bush and pray for the best.

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