Oct 13

Dog killed by large predator in Lafayette

LAFAYETTE – Lafayette Police say a dog was killed by what seems to be a large predator.

Police said the dog was a 40- to 50-pound bulldog, and it was attacked inside of its own backyard in the 100 block of Beacon Hill Drive on Tuesday. The Department of Wildlife has been notified, and police said the incident is under investigation. Police are asking that you report any sighting of large wildlife in the area.


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15 Responses to “Dog killed by large predator in Lafayette”

  1. mark s

    LOL agree, Hmmm, there is not much that is going to attack a bulldog in his own backyard, I wish there was more info on the elements of the attack, I am a dog lover and feel for the owner.

  2. Dave T

    Not much to go on other than the dead dog. If they said how the dog was killed etc, that would offer some clues. There are no sightings listed on the BFRO for this county. That’s not really cougar territory either. I wonder what evidence they have to make them think a “large predator” was the culprit. Can’t point finger at BF on that info.

  3. Dave T

    Ok, did a google earth search on the area in question where the dog owner lives. Absolutely no way, bet my life, guarantee it was not a BF or dogman that killed this bulldog. These people live in a suburban neighborhood and live right next one another. There is no woods, parks, thickets, etc even close to this neighborhood for a large predator to hide or live. They better look for a bigger dog as the culprit in this story. Case closed.

    • Dave T

      Ok, I did my search in Lafayette, Indiana. I guess the state is important info tha was left out of the original info. There is a Beacon Hill Dr. In Lafayette, IN and there isn’t any large predators there I’m still sure of that.

  4. Steven B

    It took me a bit to figure out which “Lafayette” in all of the states this occurred in but, Melanie, Congratulations! You win the SasChron Cupie Doll. I found several news articles about the incident, the link for one follows :


    One article said: “…the 40- to 50-pound bulldog was killed at a home near Rothman Park on Tuesday. Investigators say people in the area reported hearing what sounded like a mountain lion, and the dog’s wounds were consistent with a mountain lion attack. The park abuts a large area that has been set aside as open space.”

    But, then again, I have seen more than a couple of occasions where the person doing the reporting didn’t have a clue what they are talking about, didn’t do their research, or only reported on a part of the story leaving out pertinent facts. I guess the dog’s owners would be the only ones to have all of the pieces.

  5. Rob C

    Lafayette where? Oh Colorado, thanks for the link steve. Hard to figure out where some of these places are sometimes. Regardless, I don’t think we can rule out anything but a cougar seems likely.

    • Steven B

      Yw, Rob. Yeah, just naming a city that is not unique in all the US does present some issues. Dave thought Lafayette, IN. I was thinking Lafayette, Louisiana. However, in using the link posted for “see full article”, I saw on the website that it was “News9 Colorado” and then Googled “Lafayette, Colorado dog killed” – that gave me the news articles. I don’t feel that the person that did that report for News9 was very thorough – it may have been local but when posting to the web they should realize that people from all over would read it and should have included the state with the city.

  6. Nathan E

    It sure wasn’t Lafayette, Indiana. 😛
    I wouldn’t know about wildlife in Colorado to make a SWAG comment. (SWAG = Scientific Wild-A***d Guess) Here by the banks of the Great Miami, the killing of a bulldog by another animal would cause a fuss if it couldn’t be blamed on a pit bull or coyote pack.

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