Mar 13

Does Sasquatch Lurk in the Night?

Modern Explorer writes “Glenn and I set out to explore Beaver Creek, an area known for its unique wildlife. Uncover the secrets of the land with us as we tell the story of a family living with Sasquatch visits. Follow us as we try to collect evidence of the recurring activity they face each year!

This is all taking place in an area of Colorado known as Beaver Creek where most of the Pikes Peak southern watershed drains into a single Beaver Creek that eventually joins the Arkansas River. The region has a variety of climates and elevations from a 14,000 ft mountain with lush forested hills an deep canyons with cliffs to arid and at first glance desolate plains where much of the water disappears underground a little reaches the mighty Arkansas river basin.

Its crazy how many cryptids have been sighted and encountered in El Paso and Fremont county alone. The amount of first hand eyewitness testimonies is overwhelming.”

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  1. Linda B

    My husband spied a trackway from the road in fresh deep snow and hour north of Beaver Creek as we were driving by. We turned around and took pictures of it and sent them to Jim Meyers ar the Sasquatch Outpost about a year before we discovered Wes. 🙂 Very squatchy area.

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