Sep 6

Documentary: The Cascades Encounter

Salish Sasquatch writes “This video is based on multiple encounters that happened on a night in August of 2020, in the Washington Cascades. We heard a “whoop” vocalization right before a tree comes down. We believe that tree was pushed over.

Later on, 35 minutes later, Kirk Brandenburg recorded a vocalization a half mile away, just outside of the camp. Hours later, after everyone was sleeping, Rebekah Slick witnessed something large walking right through our camp.”

7 Responses to “Documentary: The Cascades Encounter”

  1. Ron S

    Personally, I think if you make assumptions based on closed minded current popular/accepted cultural beliefs you are literally putting yourself on the same trajectory or tracks of confusion to not making new discoveries or getting any answers for yourself or anyone else.

    So you hear a whoop, knock, tree falling etc…. Well, ok.
    The moment you go from only hearing that, (with no evidence of a freshly broken tree) to testifying to others it was a Sasquatch, you’re train has likely already left the station and headed to Wonderland with all the other head scratchers, “I wonder why we haven’t found it yet?”.

    Stick to the facts, when you speculate try and make it clear you are speculating or have your own ideas on something.

    I know some of this coincides with “If a tree falls in the woods with nobody around, did it make a sound?”theory.

    So if you hear a tree fall in the woods with no evidence, did it actually happen, compounded with it was a Sasquatch that did it seems very (reaching for your own sanity or acceptance within a group) than it does seeking truth. I just can’t stand that feeling of being led around by the nose in a circle ⭕️. It feels like closed ended word paradolia to me… no thanks.

    I’d rather we have creative ideas and work together drawing our own eventual conclusions. You can’t say something was a Sasquatch when you didn’t see something that looked like a Sasquatch perform the action and secondly we don’t even know what a Sasquatch is 😬 or if even uses its hands to physically push big trees over… doesn’t that seem reasonable?

    How do you know it wasn’t another BF enthusiast making sounds on a speaker to try and lure a creature in? Just sayin’.

    I guess I’ll try and watch more than the first 2 minutes of this now 😂 🧂 before I pepper it any further. Nah, I’ll be good 😌

    • Ron S

      Speaking of salt n’ peppa. Does Weird Al still make funny songs?

      I’d like him to do a music video spoof of “Shoop” with the lyrics “You make me wanna whoop” with a Sasquatch in it. 🤓 No shortage of ideas here folks!

      • Ron S

        I can’t wait to have my gal listen to that AHH-EEE sound just after the 12: minute mark.

        She told me a few times now over the last several years that when she was a kid many years ago and she and parents lived in the woods on the outskirts of town, she heard something and described it to me almost exactly like that😳

        She thought it was something trying to call loudly for her dog (R.I.P.) with the vocals more like a deaf person would speak (no offense). Her dogs name was “Ozzie” and she thought it sounded like something yelling “AHHH-BEEEEEEEE”.

        Ok, that part in the video was weird…we’ve never told anyone else that before. She’s probably gonna flip out 😆. Cool!

  2. Ron S

    I had her listen to the call. She says what she heard sounded more like mimicry from when her family was calling for the family dog “Ozzie”.

    It was more of a female yell, reversed in pitch from high to low like someone calling for a dog named “Oggy” AAAAHHHH-GEEEEEEE” . It is what it is, idk.
    I guess that doesn’t get us any closer.

    • Ryan C

      This was a good short doc. Shane and crew have extensive experience with these creatures (see Olympic Project). I have the utmost respect for what they all do in their pursuit for sasquatch, and will always listen when they speak. Their recounting of events was quite the watch. Thank you Wes for posting this so I was able to catch it, and thank you Salish Sasquatch for all you do.

  3. Janetta V

    These guys were great a making their own sounds, would sure scare me at night. Great adventure and there sure are a lot of trees still left in this old world. Glas the fires didn’t get them. Thanks Wes, hope you jaw is okay.

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