Mar 18

Documentary from the past

Interesting show about Sasquatch. Some of the transitions are odd but it seems to be a show that was created in the 70’s or early 80’s. Around the 12:20 mark they discuss killing a Sasquatch.

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  1. Charles S

    That was interesting. It was odd that they had information on these creatures which I thought was only recently known, but they didn’t know about them having a reputation for being dangerous going back to at least the 1700’s.

  2. Gene P

    So in 40 to 50 years we haven’t learned much of anything new about the Sasquatch.
    We need a Jane Goodall to live with them in order to learn about their lives.

  3. Stephanie G

    Yes, Dave. That sounds about right because one of the interviewees mentioned the finding of the Titanic and that was in September of 1985.

  4. Charles R

    I have never seen this. We have learned, at least we think we have, quite a bit since 1988. But the searchers knew a bunch back then. It was great to see Dr. Krantz. He always brought a fresh air of credibility to this science, same as Meldrum, Bindernagle and others do today. . I did not realize that the Patterson film had been stabilized back in 1988. I have met Peter Bryne. Too bad he never got to see one, I do think his technique was wrong though. Maybe the best part is they did not ask some idiot skeptard that never got out of his lab to give his BS lecture of why they do not exist.

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