Sep 9

Discovering The Swedish Bigfoot

I thought this was very interesting,be sure and hit the CC button to get the subtitles in English. I tend to focus mainly on what people are running into in the United States but it is interesting to hear about what is going on around the world.

Crypto Sweden writes “This is the first part out of three, of an interview I did with a Swedish man who have spent a lot of time documenting the presence of these beings at a site in Jämtland, Sweden. The interview was conducted in July 2016. For subtitles press the CC-button!”


5 Responses to “Discovering The Swedish Bigfoot”

  1. Duke S

    Sweden is 1.1 times the size of the state of Montana, the northern 2/3 of the country is mountains and forest, and very lightly populated. Ideal Bigfoot terrain!

  2. Julie D

    Incredible how what they do is the same no matter what country. I wasn’t sure wat to tink of him thinking they are friendly. Maybe they are there. I’m going to have to see if there is a part 2.

  3. Duke S

    “Scandinavian Bigfoot Group” is the brand new face Book site for Crypto Sweden and sightings/stories of Bigfoot from other areas nearby, all 3 parts of the above interview are posted there right now.

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